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ECO 550 Week 9 Discussion

Week 9 Discussion

The Principle-Agent Problem, To Manage Incentive You Have to Understand Motivation.

What Is the Principle-Agent Problem?  Here is some help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpu0dw9VY2E This week we look at the principle-agent problem and what when wrong at Wells Fargo. On March 28, 2019 Tim Sloan the CEO of Wells Fargo, who was suppose to restore the bank’s reputation, stepped down.  After a very poor showing by Sloan in testimony about the bank before Congress and with long-standing restrictions by the Federal Reserve still in place, the bank seems unable to overcome the crisis created by a whole collection of deceptive practices which rose to the level of fraud.  See https://www.americanbanker.com/news/fed-wont-lift-wells-fargo-cap-until-deficiencies-are-fixed-powell.   On October 21, 2019 Charles Scharf officially assumed the role of CEO. Can he succeed in restoring the reputation of Wells Fargo as the….

Power Point Presentation with small essay attached to reflect presentation

  Find a company that went through a big change within the last 12 months. The change may be a merger, buyout, downsizing, expansion, new marketing strategy, culture change within the company, change in CEO, or any other type of change. The company can be local or international. Analyze the company and then in a narrated, PowerPoint® presentation, with voice-over, address the following:

Describe the company’s history and identify the change. Select the type of change – adaptive, innovative – or radically innovative, and explain your rationale for your selection. Describe if the change is reactive or proactive.

Ex: Reactive type of change – BP’s reactive approach to the April 2010 explosion led to the loss of 11 lives and is the largest oil spill in US waters…..

Compare and Contrast: New England and the Mid Atlantic

Compare and Contrast: New England and the Mid Atlantic Colonists began arriving in the Americas in the early 1600’s. Some were seeking wealth and opportunity in the New World, others fleeing from persecution in their native country. Two distinct regions of the 13 British colonies were New England and the Mid Atlantic and though the two areas were governed by the British, in some ways they were quite different. Though they share similar backgrounds, the New England and Mid Atlantic regions differed in the structure of their economy, their tolerance of religions, and the structure of their self-government. The North American colonies were all rich with resources; as part of the mercantilist system, raw materials were what the colonists sold to England for profit. Each region had their….

Ethical Issues Ian

  The framers of the U.S. Constitution wanted the federal government to have only limited power, so they limited the kinds of cases federal courts can decide.  Most laws that affect Americans are passed by state governments, therefore state courts handle most disputes that govern our day to day interactions with the rest of the world (Judicial Learning Center, 2015).  The Federal Courts defend our most basic rights, which can be found in the bill of rights in the U.S. Constitution (Judicial Learning Center, 2015).  Federal Court is broken down in to levels, such as the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, and U.S. District Courts (Judicial Learning Center, 2015).  The jurisdiction of the Federal Courts is limited to hearing cases that raise a “federal question” and….

Power of Six Book Report

John is superhuman. He has several superpowers, including telekinesis and immunity to fire. 2. John is brave. Despite being hunted by an entire race of aliens, he trains hard and never loses hope. 3. John is caring. He shows that he cares about how Sam and Six feel, and always puts them first. 4. John is determined. When training with Sam and Six, he is often bested in fighting by Six. This is hard for him, as she is a girl, and there are some stereotypes floating in his head, but he still always gets up to go again. 5. John is impulsive. He often acts without thinking out of either anger or want. For example, when the leader of the Microorganism arrived on Earth, he walked straight….

How to Make a Physics Lab Report

A subject like physics requires a scientific mindset and knowledge in other sciences, for example, geometry, chemistry, mathematics, algebra. Especially relevant for all first-year students is the following question: how to write a laboratory work in physics? Indeed, physics is a rather difficult discipline to perceive, and such crucial events as a laboratory workshop can even be taken by surprise. But who is warned, as you know, is not badly armed? Therefore, this article will address the question of how to make a laboratory in physics. 

So, it is worth noting that every workshop, and indeed any section of knowledge, must have established rules and an execution order. That is, if you search, then it is quite possible to find a training manual or guide with useful information. 


Macro-Environment Analysis of Italy and 12 C Frameworks

Executive summary The assignment starts with an introduction and Macro-environment analysis of Italy and 12 C frameworks. Macro environment is based on economic factors, social cultural forces, political and technological things that affect the organisation inside. It is important for a company to identify the possible political risk s in the country. Political risk is based on changes in the political environment that may have a direct impact on business. The political factors have influence on the tax that the business has to paid, the currency of the country and the business procedures that need to be carried out in order to be able to open a business in Italy. The economic factors are indicative of the economic stability of the country and are based on the GDP,….

The Importance of Economics for Health Care Leaders

prior to engaging in this discussion, be sure to review the Chapters 1 and 2 in the text as well as any relevant Instructor Guidance. It is suggested that you also review the recommended articles to glean any helpful information. In the present paradigm, it has become evident that operational leaders and strategic leaders in health care must be able to appraise how economics impacts health care in the United States. Furthermore, it is critical successful leaders to possess an understanding of the variables and nuances that shape how supply and demand in this heavily regulated industry so they may observe trends and opportunities that lead to a functional organizational system. Imagine that you are a manager running a unit in a rehabilitation center. Up to this point,….

Essay Summary of Leaving Home

It was the last time I saw my Mother. My grieving pain for my mothers love infinitely grew. She was god in my eyes but was I the god given daughter she had hoped for? Everyday I had run to her absorbing her warmth as I wrapped my long limbs around her waist. The waist that had carried me for nine months, but was I worth the wait? Mother’s predictable great force would transfer into my weakened bones forcing me to collapse onto the striped wooden floor. I would land with a thud hoping that the chances of me receiving a hug the next day would increase. Maybe my accidental escape was for the best. Perhaps I was destined for this moment, this was fait in the palms….

week 2 Assignment

  FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS, USE SCHOLARLY RESOURCES AND NO PLAGIARISM.  THE WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT IS DUE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2017.  I AM WILLING TO PAY $50. SPSS Output Summary: Descriptive Statistics, Correlation, And Regression Study Description: A school educator is interested in determining the relationships between grade point average (GPA) and IQ scores among ninth graders. The educator takes a random sample of 40 ninth graders aged 14 years old and administers the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV). The WISC-IV includes a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ; however for this assignment we will just call it IQ) that comprises verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and processing speed skills.  Output file:  See  Week_2_SPSS_Output.pdf. Answer the following Questions:

Hypothesis – Formulate a hypothesis about the two variables. What do you think is….