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Winter Dreams: Dreams That End Before They Can Begin

In the work, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the dream is perceived to be unobtainable for our protagonist, Dexter. Correlating love with wealth, Dexter’s dream is to “not be in association with glittering things and glittering people.” Instead, “he wanted the glittering things themselves.” A desire to see himself succeed farther than being the best caddy in the club, evolved after seeing Judy Jones. Meeting her for the first time at the Sherry Island Country Club, his interest in her persuades him to act on his winter dreams unintentionally, concluding in Dexter quitting his job because he believed he deserved better than his position as a fourteen year old. Growing up as a poor boy, in a wealthy society, Dexter was now motivated to not only climb….

Essay Summary of Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous painting in the world.  In fact, it is the most popular work of art in history.  Millions of people have visited the Louvre to view it.  Though it has been created in the 16th century, it has continued to be controversial at present.  This research paper aims to discuss the history of the painting and the recent developments around it. It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 (“History”).  The painting was finished four years after (“History”).  It was said that the painting was purchased by King Francois of France in 1516 for 4,000 coins of gold (“History”; Blake).  Francois I invited Leonardo to France “to work at Clos Lucé,” and….

The Future of Democracy in South Asia

Establishing political control in South Asia, was something that the British was able to accomplish in the late 70s and early 80s. The British saw certain opportunities that led for them to start trading and commerce from India to outside world. The British had plans for India, which later led to collection of revenues on behalf of the Mughal Emperor, resulting decline of power by the Mughals side. The expansion of the British into newer territories, it was to keep the allies at a distance. As for the Ryotwari system in India that played a role as land revenue systems before-hand, after the British came along. It affected India because the ownership of the land was given to the peasants and the British government collected the tax which….

Describe and analyze character behavior when faced with an ethical dilemma.

Objective: Describe and analyze character behavior when faced with an ethical dilemma. After viewing The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio;  write an in-depth review. The review must cover the following seven areas.

Summary of the Plot Provide enough information for those who have not read the book or seen the movie to understand the ethical dilemma faced by the character you are analyzing. Describe the environment of the character. 

Issues Identified Describe and analyze the ethical dilemma faced by the character.  What are the major factual issues raised? What are the major ethical issues raised? Who are the major stakeholders?

Options Considered What alternative courses of actions were considered or identified by the character?

Ethical Arguments Constructed Determine which of the ethical principles/standards….

Hepatitis C Virus

With the WHO goal of HCV elimination seeming more achievable with the new DAA therapy, nurses are uniquely positioned to be the final and vital spoke to get the machine running efficiently. History has shown that nurse led programs in HIV treatment were successful and many developed and developing countries have adopted nurse led models in the fight against HIV. Nurses have the education to be a useful ammunition in the fight against HCV infection. Nurse led programs can be a cost effective alternative and also help to decentralize HCV care and improve access. Certainly, progress in HCV care has been appreciable. Nurses have been integrated into the system in novel ways and numerous studies have shown that the effect is an improved rate of recognition of the….

Boon Rawd Brewery Company analysis

Industry in Thailand (as Consolidated Industry)beer industry in Brazil beer industry in Indian beer industry in South Ceremonially Stratospherically/Key Issue22References24Executive summation Raid Brewery is an Asian brewery founded in 1933 by Boomerang Shortbread in Thailand which also makes and sells soft drinks. Their best known product is the pale lager Shanghai. Today, the company remains in the hands of the family and is led by third-generation descendant Santa Broom Baked. Throughout the years, Boon Raid has diversified into an award-winning brewer and beverage maker, exporting its globally recognized products worldwide. The key to success and also be a mission statement is “Transparency! We do the right things. We live as a good citizen and don’t cut corners. ” This principle is one of many that have helped Shanghai….

Logic Model 700 word

  Assignment Content

Imagine that you are part of a local group developing a grant-funding proposal for a crime prevention program targeting businesses in your community. After a rash of recent burglaries, thefts, and fraud schemes directed at businesses in the area, a local benefactor has offered $300,000 for a one-year crime prevention program. In your research, your group has determined that the $300,000 is helpful but will not cover the necessary funding. Your group will be submitting a proposal to obtain the funding.

Describe common grant types and identify possible sources for your proposal.

Identify funding agencies that could possibly fund the grant.

Provide teamwork strategies you might implement when developing the proposal.

Create a logic model for a fictitious, grant-funded project. Search the internet for sample logic models to use as….

Text Revision

  Assignment: Write a rhetorical analysis article (800-1000 words) focusing on a current controversy. Your task (as specified on page 190 of How Writing Works) “is to compose an analysis of one or more key texts involved in that controversy.” Your analysis should focus on the rhetoric used in your texts, rather than on the content or topic of your texts—in other words, you are analyzing the choices made in the writing itself rather than picking a side in the controversy or saying what you believe about the topic.

First, identify a topic—a current controversy Next, compile a list of sources that relate to your topic. You might start with course texts, or you might just start with the newspaper or online sources. Then, read your sources carefully,….


This week is divided into two sections. First, you will focus on defining, refining, and critiquing the concept of evidence-based programs and their connection to theory.  Having read and reviewed these resources, prepare a reflection paper on evidence-based programs and practices. Be sure your paper addresses the following:

Include a definition of evidence-based programs.  Determine how these programs draw from theory. Identify appropriate questions and their elements used in choosing an evidence-based program. Include an explanation of an evidence continuum that you consider valid when reviewing your topic in health psychology.

Part 1: Define and Refine Do a practice run using the resources this week and focus on three major elements:

Identify the evidence-based theories being discussed.  Define them. Indicate which questions the researchers proposed that drew them….

Sustainable architecture in the UK

Bibliography The intent of this thesis is to discourse and measure the force per unit area on development land in the South- East of England, and how that force per unit area relates to the demand for sustainable architecture. The grounds for there being force per unit area on development land in the South-East of England will be described and analysed, as will any differences with the other parts of Britain. The grounds for puting aside or utilizing the available development land and why sustainable architecture should be adopted in the South-East of England will be to the full evaluated. As will be demonstrated there are assorted and viing factors that seemingly increase the force per unit area to do full usage of all available development land in….