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Evolution of Policing

Watch the following videos from the University Library:

“Targeting Terror” “Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveillance” “What is Biometrics?” 

Research and develop an understanding of the following:

USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 Homeland Security Act of 2002

Choose one of the acts to focus on and then identify an event that falls within the jurisdiction of that act. To find pertinent information for this assignment, the event chosen should have culminated in an arrest or other conclusion, and adjudication should be complete, or the case closed (cold cases are not acceptable). Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you:

Summarize the event, including the who, what, where, when, and how. Discuss how the offender was caught…..

Wembley vs Emirates Football Stadiums

Construction of Wembley stadium was supposed to be completed by May 2006, but completed in March 2007. There were several controversial between client, contractor, sub contractor, designer etc. and some cases end up in the court. The causes for these controversial were identified mainly due to adversarial contracts, unreasonable risk allocation, cash-flow problems, design changes, poor performance, poor site management and litigations. Several reasons were adduced for the successful delivery of the Emirates football stadium but the most overarching and notable of the reasons was the effective and selective supply chain created by the main contractor (Exceptional Performer, 2007). In both case studies one can clearly see good and bad practices demonstrated. While both cased had the same procurement routes, with only slight modifications to allow client to….

Financial Statement / Audit Report Review

   Select one (1) local government in your state or area and review the financial statements and audit report for the county or municipality. The financial statements of the government you selected should have at least three (3) funds. Refer to the continuing problem homework for Weeks 1 through 3 for this assignment. Write a five (5) page paper in which you: 1. Compare and contrast the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) of the selected local government entity with the government entity identified from Week 1 homework. In your comparison, include:  a. Publication method of the CAFR  b. Audit and budget information in the CAFR c. The type of audit report issued d. Existence or non-existence of an internal audit function within the government entity 2. Prepare the….

Insider Trading Essay

Watching “Martha, Inc. : The Story of Martha Stewart” finally made me realize what the whole scandal of Martha Stewart was all about. From what I learned, Martha Stewart, known as a television personality and famous multimillionaire, was “indicted on securities fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges in an insider trading scandal”. Before this all started, she was happily baking cookies for children and making homemade arts and crafts for her friends. At the middle of 2003, she was sent for a five month term of prison. Insider trading was the crime Martha Stewart committed; she basically wanted to get ahead as CEO of her company. By definition, insider training is “the illegal practice of trading on the stock exchange to one’s advantage through having access to….

Chapter 23 The Yule Ball

Despite the very heavy load of homework that the fourth years had been given for the holidays. Harry was in no mood to work when term ended, and spent the week leading up to Christmas enjoying himself as fully as possible along with everyone else. Gryffindor Tower was hardly less crowded now than during term-time; it seemed to have shrunk slightly too, as its inhabitants were being so much rowdier than usual. Fred and George had had a great success with their Canary Creams, and for the first couple of days of the holidays, people kept bursting into feather all over the place. Before long, however, all the Gryffindors had learned to treat food anybody else offered them with extreme caution, in case it had a Canary Cream….

The dictionary definition

The dictionary definition of a linguistic communication is stated as a system of communicating consisting of sounds, words and grammar, or the system of communicating used by the people of a peculiar state or profession in Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary ( 2nd edition, 2005 ) . And that means, larning a linguistic communication to pass on decently in that linguistic communication requires get the hanging all parts of a linguistic communication system such the vocabulary, the grammar and the sound system. Harmonizing to Dawani ( 2006 ) in order to pass on in a linguistic communication one should analyze a balance of four basic linguistic communication accomplishments which are reading, listening, composing, and speech production. That ‘s why instruction and rating of these accomplishments have ever been….

Creating a Psychographic Profile

  Psychographics is an area of market research concerned with measures of consumer activities, interests, and opinions (AIO). Utilize AIO measures to create a psychographic profile for a product of your choice. Complete the following:

Select a product that is readily available and describe what it is and how it is used by consumers. Using the concept of AIO measures (determining how well a particular consumer fits AIO statements), create a psychographic profile for a typical consumer of the chosen product. Note that the profile you outline may be one of many different profiles that are appropriate for the product. Identify at least two probable items within each of the areas (activity, interest, and opinion) for the profile that you create. As an example, an activity might be….

Injustice Anywhere

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere Sabeen Ijaz Ahmed B. B. I. T. (Hons) 4th Year, GIFT University This article won the first prize (Rs. 25,000 cash) in the 2nd Annual All Pakistan Essay Writing Competition held by Quaid-e-Azam Law College. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ” These powerful words were penned in a letter from a prison cell of Birmingham Jail in 1963, by one of America’s best known advocate of equal rights – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. According to him, all humans are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Hence injustice with one individual of a society can affect the life of other individuals of the….


  What does Taboo have to do with math though? Taboo deals with a branch of mathematics called “set theory.” To explore this, sit down with your team and spread out all of the cards so that everyone can see and reach everything. Take a few minutes to sort the cards into whatever different groups you feel are appropriate. (See the job aid for more directions and Taboo cards) Once you are finished, share your groupings with the other team(s) and see what they came up with. Be prepared to defend your decisions! Activity 2.  Common Notations and Symbols Let’s assume that we have two sets called A and B. They are like two “boxes” that contain the following things: A = {b, o, x}                B = {c,….

Spring Jazz Band Concert Report

On Friday, April 29, 2011, I went to see Spring Jazz Concert at Sophia B. Clarke Theater. Most of performers have great instrument skill and show us a wonderful music. Each movement highlights the character, range, and technical abilities of an individual instrument, all of pieces stand on their own as intricate musical gems. The show was divided for two parts, and they have different sections on those two parts. During the concert, we would hear different music programs by playing in different music instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones, drums, bass, guitar, and piano. Each performer represents different music instruments. On the first parts of the concert, there were three songs. In conclusion, I enjoyed this concert very much because the music in this concert was very….