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Urbanism and Architecture

“Dwelling is the combination of architecture and urbanism” Brooding, as a topographic point to populate, can be a house, a level, an flat or other topographic point of abode. It is a topographic point where human spent of most of their clip while indoor. The construct of home has been changed over the last 100s old ages, in that period, the many brooding edifice in different topographic point of the universe represent an alone local civilization with different inside, exterior, construction, etc. However, in modern yearss, most of these symbols and architectural manners had already disappeared, brooding edifices on this planet all blend into one manner – Urbanism. It becomes more of an urban infinites, a topographic point offers convenience and remainder alternatively of an art merchandise within….

Metaphors in Literature

Traditional views treating metaphor at linguistic levels show that metaphors in literature are more creative, unique, impressive, interesting, plentiful, and complex than those in non-literary texts (Semino & Steen, 2008). It is believed that the “real” source of metaphor is in literature (Kovecses, 2010a). As a genre of literature, poetry has all the qualities of literature (Abrams & Harpham, 2012). It is even more metaphorical than prose fiction thanks to the poets’ creative genius (Kovecses, 2002; Lodge, 1977-  28  cited from Semino & Steen, 2008). In such beliefs, the poet Dickey suggests a fourstep process of metaphor-making, namely, (i) making picture comparisons in the mind, (ii) discovering the threads of continuity that run through these pictures and which create a “narrative of dramatic action”, (iii) recombining these elements….


  Final Consultant Proposal.  Your completed proposal will be a minimum of 10 pages. Your work should include the following:

Introduction to the company describing the target audience, the client issue or problem, the objective and the desired outcome for consideration (from Week 1).The company’s purpose statement and mission statement (from Week 1). 

There should be significant information pertaining to the following topics: Strategy, Marketing, Personnel, Products and Services, Demographic served Action Plan, and the Evaluation Process. 

There should be an intervention summary (from Week 6)And there should be an executive summary 

Upon completion of your proposal, you will create a 20 slide (minimum) presentation that you would use to present to the client. 

The presentation should provide a solid look at the proposal and what you would offer….

The employee selection

The employee selection process should be very fast and efficient so that the organization gets the new employees working to its benefit very quickly [3]. The current process at our organization is not very fast. It takes a long period of time to bring the new people in. After the ad for the job in the newspapers, we have to wait for the availability of the applicants for the test and interview. The human resource department then needs some time to check the tests and evaluate the interview performance of the candidates after the interview date. This adds a good amount to the overall time for the process execution. So the overall time that the human resource department has to spend for this employee hiring process is quite….

Persuasive communication

Persuasive communication is at the heart of the selling process, and the sales presentation/demonstration is the critical center stage or Showtime” for salespeople. After asking the customer qualifying questions to uncover specific needs, the salesperson presents the products and services that will best satisfy those needs; highlights their features, advantages, and benefits; and stimulates desire for the offerings with a skillful demonstration. Prospects are primarily interested in the benefits being offered them. Product features and advantages are important only if hey can be tied directly to a specific benefit the prospect is seeking. For instance, pointing out a flat-screen monitor feature when demonstrating a new desktop computer does not mean much to a prospect unless the salesperson explains the related benefits of taking up less desk space, reducing….

for aplus writer only

Assignment one 

Reflect: The topic below 

• Should athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs (such as steroids or EPO) or techniques (such as blood doping or oxygen tanks)?

Construct the strongest argument that you can on each side of the issue. Strengthen your arguments by contemplating possible objections to each  argument, and revise your arguments in light of the objections. Continue this process until you feel that your arguments for each side are as convincing as you can possibly make them. Write: Present your two arguments (one on each side of the issue) in standard form on the topic you selected. The two arguments should defend different positions on the topic. For example, if your topic was the existence of Santa Claus, then you would present one….

The Properties of Chemical Reactions

Properties of Chemical Reactions Ms. Whitty, Science 10 Fiona Adams, November 1st, 2012 Introduction Chemical reactions are a part of our daily lives, from rusting metal to making bread to leaves changing colour in the fall. A chemical reaction is the process that occurs when two or more substances combine to produce a chemical change. When a chemical reaction takes place, the change is indicated by one or more qualitative properties. The colour or odor could change, gas could be produced, a precipitate – a solid substance in a solution – could be formed, or energy could be absorbed or released. The substances initially involved in a chemical reaction are called reactants. When chemical reactions occur, the end result is called a product. Products usually have different properties than reactants;….

Women’s health assignment – Community Nursing

Women’s health.    Review the attached PowerPoint presentation.  Once done answer the following questions:  1.What types of differences in health care and maintenance have you noticed between men and women in the clinical setting? How do women’s approaches and behaviors seem to differ from men’s, if at all? When female family members are present, how does their involvement or behavior seem to differ from male family members’ involvement, if at all?  2.Mention and discuss the pros and cons of various contraceptives methods.   For example artificial reproductive technology, parental consent for abortion, adolescent reproductive rights, public funding for female cancer screening, reporting of partner abuse, female circumcision (in countries where it is the cultural norm), etc.  3.Why do you think that women tend to go their providers more than….

Thomas Gordon’s Concept of “Twelve Roadblocks to Effective Communication”

The objective of communication is to obtain a close rapport between interlocutors. If the goal is reached, it is easier to tackle with the encountered problem. This is the way how Thomas Gordon, the author of the bestseller “Parent Effectiveness Training” (1970, New York), perceives the role of good listening. In order to focus readers’ attention on fundamental mistakes people make, he listed twelve common types of ineffective responses.These are so called “Twelve Roadblocks to Effective Communication” or, playfully, “ The Dirty Dozen”. Gordon claims that they act as communication barriers because they interrupt the process of solving the problem, whereas our verbal support should be limited to directing partner’s thoughts until the partner comes up with the solution. What is more, instead of encouraging, these responses carry….

Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

   Imagine you are the chief information officer (CIO) for your local healthcare organization. Your board of directors is very interested about the activities you manage on a daily basis. They sent a list of questions they would like you to present on during the upcoming board meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening.  Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the following components:

· Slide 1.title slide · Slide 2.compare and contrast the varying filing systems (one-two slides) · Slide 3.identify and describe three types of computer storage systems (one slide) · Slide 4.explain when it is acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide) · Slide 5.explain when it is not acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide) · Slide 6.explain why a medical record must be retained….