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POLICY DEVELOPMENT: FINAL INSTRUCTIONS Review the feedback you received from your instructor for the Policy Development Draft. Make the necessary changes to your work, and resubmit the final Policy Development. Law Enforcement Organizations are facing a

   Policy Development: Final Instructions Review the feedback you received from your instructor for the Policy Development Draft. Make the necessary changes to your work, and resubmit the final Policy Development.  Law Enforcement Organizations are facing a tremendous problem with social media. On one hand, social media such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter can be extremely useful for effective and efficient communication. On the other hand, Law Enforcement Executives are constantly facing situations in which employee misconduct is occurring through social media. Police Officers are accessing social media from their workstations and patrol cars during their shifts. Police Officers are posting information that is unbecoming for an officer as well as degrading and disrespectful to the profession. Police Unions and Police Officer Organizations such as the Fraternal….

Problems With Solutions for Practice in Factoring

2. A company is considering engaging a factor, the following information is available: i) The current average collection period for the Company’s debtors is 80 days and ½% of debtors default. The factor has agreed to pay money due after 60 days and will take the responsibility of any loss on account of bad debts. ii) The annual charge for the factoring is 2% of turnover payable annually in arrears. Administration cost saving is likely to be Rs. 1,00,000 per annum.

iii) Annual sales, all on credit, are Rs. 1,00,00,000. The variable cost is 80% of the sales price. The Company’s cost of borrowing is 15% per annum. Assume the year is consisting of 365 days. Should the Company enter into a factoring agreement? 3. MSN Ltd. has….

“A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The short story, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” is one of the many stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that starred his most famous character, the master sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

Being that it is a detective story, the type of which most of the later detective stories by lesser known writers were modeled after, the story follows the model for the stages of narrative perfectly, almost strictly. First, the narrator, Dr. Watson, gives the exposition. It is assumed, of course, that the reader is already familiar with the other Sherlock Holmes stories, his friendship with Dr. Watson, their previous adventures together, etc.

Dr. Watson starts by introducing the character of Irene Adler; he also makes a quick mention of his previous adventures with Holmes, Holmes’ own odd habits….

A Different History – Essay

Commentary – A Different History (by Sujata Bhatt) ‘A different history’ by Sujata Bhatt is a poem written about the social and political concern of the lost of cultural identical renouciation of Indian identity. The poet has used sentence pattern, motifs, symbolisms and imagery predominantly in this poem to emphasize the problem of younger generations losing their roots and identities. The poem begins with the use of the motif “Great Pan” who is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs. Great Pan” in the poem is a symbolism of the native culture and identity in the European countries. This motif plays a huge role in the poem as the first three lines in the….

Assignment 2: Job Analysis / Job Description

 Assignment 2: Job Analysis / Job Description

Go to YouTube, located at http://www.youtube.com/, and search for an episode of “UnderCover Boss”. Imagine you are the CEO of the company in the selected episode.Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Compare two (2) job positions from the episode and perform a job analysis of each position.  Describe your method of collecting the information for the job analysis (i.e., one-on-one, interview, survey, etc.). Create a job description from the job analysis. Justify your belief that the job analysis and job description are in compliance with state and federal regulations. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. 

Your assignment must follow these….

AP European history Narrative Essay

This course is comparable in scope and difficulty to a college-level course. AP European History’s principal goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the cultural, diplomatic, economic, intellectual, political, and social history of Europe from the High Renaissance (1450) to the present. While using primary and secondary sources alongside a college-level textbook, students will learn to read with discrimination and to express concise and coherent ideas orally and in writing. It will prepare students to take the AP European exam in May. Books to Purchase (required):

The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash course in Art History from Prehistoric to Postmodern. ” By Strickland and Boswell. Andrews and McGee; 1992. ISBN: 0836280059. (approximately $10 on Amazon) “Strive for a 5: Preparing for the AP European History Exam”.Summer Work….

week 8

      Termination of the   Counseling Relationship (Obj. 8.1 and 8.2)  In a 250-500-word essay, hypothetically terminate the   counseling relationship with a client who has experienced trauma and abuse in   the past and has now seen you, the counselor, for 8 months regarding this   trauma. 1. Describe the successful termination of the client   relationship. 2. Discuss strategies for helping the client to maintain change   post-termination. Include at least one scholarly reference in your paper within the last 5 years.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in   the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is   not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior   to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for   successful completion. You are required….

Health Medicare economics 2-3pages 5hours

Medicare is the most rapidly growing component of the federal budget. Federal funding for Medicare comes from payroll taxes and income taxes, paid by individuals who are employed. Most Medicare beneficiaries are retired and/or earning minimal income. Further, only ¼ of the lifetime expenditures for Medicare beneficiaries are covered by the taxes they have paid into the system while working.  In combination, this means the Medicare is the program that is most responsible for wealth transfer from working adults to another generation. Even if Medicare seems unimportant to you now from the standpoint of your health care needs, it is critically important from the financial standpoint.  During your lifetime, you will vote for candidates proposing changes in the Medicare program, ranging from changes in the funding mechanism to….

Unit 3 DB

 300 words

Now that you’ve analyzed the environmental situation and  established who is in the target market, it is time for product  development. Product design is crucial because new products are being  introduced every day. So, while other people focus on that aspect of  development, you turn your attention to branding. 

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board  area, write 300 words that respond to the following questions with  your thoughts, ideas, and comments.  This morning, walking into the office, you greet Michelle  who says, “I’d like to meet with you tomorrow to develop the branding  strategy for the new product. Let’s meet for a working lunch and  brainstorming session.”   “That sounds great,” you reply. “I’ll schedule the meeting and order in lunch.” Entering your office, you begin to….

Treating Your Sweet Tooth

Abigail Young Mrs. Spar English III Compare/Contrast Essay (2nd draft) February 22, 2013 Treating Your Sweet Tooth The debate about ice cream versus frozen yogurt (froyo) is spreading like a wildfire. People looking at the differences; what they do not know is how they are also similar. Ice cream and frozen yogurt have both similarities and differences when it comes to their history, ingredients and nutrition. Before ice cream was known as ice cream, many ancient civilizations served mixtures of ice (or snow from the mountains) with juices, milks, spices and fruits. This became a major delicacy around the world, this delicacy soon became known as sorbet and was eaten by many people who could afford it. Soon after, sorbet became known as ice cream, which was introduced….