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Persepolis View on Culture

Western Pop Culture Marianne Satraps, aka Marci, displays her life in this graphic novel to correct the misconceptions often made by the Western world. She makes sure her audience knows who she is, where she came from, and what her country is like. Though she is born and raised for much of her life in Tehran, Marianne Satraps is as much of a product of Western culture as of Middle Eastern culture. In the book you can see the Influence that the western countries have on Iran. Her parents both ascribe to Western political viewpoints and are not reluctant to let their daughter Indulge In Western popular culture. Marianne Like clothes and shoes such as Jeans, Nine’s, and head scarves. She Is even rebellious about the veil they….


Schema as Hirsch has defined it is an “unified system of background relationships” that allows people to understand the “surface meaning” of a statement (Hirsch 54). If people can find ways to influence students about things that are important in the world, they would grow up connecting series of things important nowadays, and end up having the knowledge to choose what they can do next. If a person contains schema about environmental problems, and how to solve them, they would automatically put things side by side and build a solution for it. With the help of schema, people most especially students can be able to focus on what is important in the society today. If the student graduates with the mental ability to know automatically what is right….

Assignment 6 Memo

  Instructions  Students are to utilize the same local or state government from Short Paper #1 to analyze that government’s revenues and expenditures. Students should prepare a 5-page policy memo addressed to the head of that government (i.e., mayor, commission chair, or governor) that describes the following about the local or state:

Types of Funds Overview of General Fund Budget Over 3 Years (Actual, Budget, Proposed) Response to the following questions: What are the major revenue sources and major expenditures? Is the budget balanced? Why or Why not?

Fully explain if and how the expenditures align with the fiscal goals and objectives? See this visual example of a business memo.  When you are discussing the above areas, you must provide context for each category to ensure understanding about the….

Protein Article Research

Anonymous Dr. Louis Cohen SCI/241 Protein Article Research January 3, 2012 According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, protein is found in every cell in the body. Protein provides our bodies with energy that is ready to be used. After it is digested, it becomes amino acids. There are 23 amino acids which are very essential to the body and are needed for the body to function properly. Amino acids are needed in order to build muscle strength. Protein can be found in animal foods, and it can also be found in plant foods. Animal foods such as meats, cheeses, and dairy products are complete sources of protein, while plant sources are an incomplete protein source because they are low in at least one of the essential….

Technology in Criminal Justice

You have just graduated from the AIU Online Criminal Justice program and acquired your dream career working with the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS). You love to write articles of criminal justice interest, and because the NCJRS provides links to millions and millions of criminal justice references, you find yourself in awe of your career.  For your first assignment, you have been asked to present a report at an upcoming criminal justice conference. This report will help your colleagues better understand how databases, technology, policies, and so forth affect the administration of justice and the outcome of court cases in particular. Your training coordinator expects you to highlight several examples of how criminal justice databases, computer technology, and policies have changed the way in which crimes are….

Comparative Issues Relating to the Management of Labour Relations in Australia, Britain, the United States, Canada and Japan

Introduction Approaches to the management of labour relations in the world vary from country to country. Many countries in the world have embraced capitalist economies in which most resources used in production and the methods applied are owned by the private sector and individuals (McIlroy, 1995). Such economies are perceived to exploit employees and thus need regulating mechanisms to ensure that employees are shielded from harassment. According to Kuper (1985), labour unions stabilize economies by institutionalizing labour relations. Along this line, many countries have labour unions, which act as mediators between employers and employees. The labour unions in different countries operate differently according to the respective countries’ labour laws. This paper will examine the management of labour relations in Australia, Britain, the United States, Canada and Japan. In….

database management research project


DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Security (this is my forte, so, if you choose this I can be quite helpful.) Availability (how do you design and implement a database system that is always reachable and “performant”, despite network outages, zero-day attacks, hardware failures, software bugs, etc.) Performance (what do you measure, how do you measure it, how do you structure your database to “optimize” performance.) Disaster Recovery (Fires, earthquakes, corona virus…) Migration (how do you migrate a legacy data set to a modern “platform”. Beware: this is a hard topic.)

Research: launch carefully constructed googlesearches, read the “propaganda” from consulting companies that specialize in database management, call our library (No, seriously!) and explain that you need some references (that’s what they do) for a database management research project. Talk to….

Management Styles : Economic Globalization

Economic globalization has motivated an increasing number of corporations and enterprises to set up branches and production facilities throughout the world. During this process, a manager’s approach is considered to make a difference for the productivity of his or her staff, which partly contributes to the success of the company. Hence, many companies have realized that management style plays an important role, and they tend to take it into account while recruiting a manager. Currently, there Is no one persuasive definition about management styles. A common benefiting on the internet is “a management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager. There are two sharply contrasting styles that will be broken down into smaller subsets: Autocratic and Permissive”(Renewals Polytechnic Institute, 2000). This definition demonstrates that….

Week 1 Project

  Week 1 Project Previous Next  Instructions Legal and Ethical Scenarios Select two of the three scenarios. Support your responses with appropriate cases, laws and other relevant examples by using at least one scholarly source from the SUO Library in addition to your textbook for each scenario. Do not copy the scenario text into the paper. Label the beginning of each scenario with the number you selected (e.g., Scenario 1). Cite your sources in APA format on a separate page. Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Scenario 1:Securities In 2012, after working at First National Bank for six years, Billy Bryant helped establish Breakstone Capital Corporation (BCC), a venture capital firm that invested in the communications and technology sectors. BCC went public in 2014,….

Everything You Need to Know About Breaking Into the Video Game Industry

This won’t surprise anyone who picks up every annual release of the Call of Duty series or catches monsters on his or her smartphone with Pokémon Go, but video games are a huge, global industry. More than 135 million games were sold in the United States in 2014, generating more than $22 billion in revenue, according to the . But games are a global business. , a global market intelligence firm specializing in games, esports and mobile, estimates the global games market value was $91.8 billion in 2015 and grew to $99.6 this year. It forecasts the industry to grow to $118.6 billion in 2019. And it’s not just your teenage nephew who’s playing games. Most video game players, 29 percent, are between the ages of 18 to….