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Ethical Analysis of Citigroup

Company Assessment: An Analysis of CitiGroup 1 Company Assessment: An Analysis of CitiGroup Introduction With origins dating back to 1812, Citigroup (Citi) is a global diversified financial services holding company providing both individuals and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services. These services include; consumer banking and credit; corporate and investment banking; securities brokerage; transaction services; and wealth management. Headquartered in Manhattan, NY, Citi currently has over 260,000 employees servicing 200 million customer accounts in more than 160 countries around the globe. Citi is organized into two divisions; Citicorp and Citi Holdings. Citicorp manages the consumer and institutional core client business, while Citi Holdings manages the brokerage and asset management divisions. Based on financial data obtained from the Citi website, the core st business (i…..

Target Costing

Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder Editors’ Note: This article is an updated synthesis of in-depth explorations contained in Target Costing and Value Engineering, by Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder (Portland, Oregon: Productivity Press, 1997). Part two of the series discusses product-level target costing; part three, to be featured in an upcoming issue, will address component-level target costing. omers. Consequently, the objective of product-level target costing is to increase the allowable cost of the product to a level that can reasonably be expected to be achievable, given the capabilities of the firm and its suppliers (see Exhibit 1). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY• Product-level target costing works to increase the allowable cost of the product to a level that is both reasonable and achievable given the capabilities of the firm and its….

Which Do You Think Contributes More to Personal Happiness

How one responds to a situation is a huge factor that contributes to personal happiness, for the state of happiness is achieved from accomplishing a certain goal. In the 18th century, the 13 colonies was in feud with its mother country, Britain; refusing to pay taxes without representation. George Washington, the General of the Continental Army, was hopeless and at the brink of surrender. Yet through the motivational articles such as Paine’s Common Sense,” the establishment of the Declaration of Independence, and the arrival of the French, Washington’s morale was boosted. At Yorktown, the Americans and French were able to force Cornwallis to surrender, and the war was finally over. Washing successfully accomplished his goal of leading the colonies to victory. This accomplishment of gaining independence not only….

advanced Pharmacology


As a nurse practitioner, you prescribe medications for your patients. You make an error when prescribing medication to a 5-year-old patient. Rather than dosing him appropriately, you prescribe a dose suitable for an adult.

  To Prepare

Review the Resources for this module and consider the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Reflect on your experiences, observations, and/or clinical practices from the last 5 years and think about how pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic factors altered his or her anticipated response to a drug. Consider factors that might have influenced the patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes, such as genetics (including pharmacogenetics), gender, ethnicity, age, behavior, and/or possible pathophysiological changes due to disease. Think about a personalized plan of care based on these influencing factors and patient history in your case….

Reform Movements

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) was a social activist and leader in the early women’s rights movement.  In 1840, when she was a young newlywed, Stanton attended the World Anti-Slavery Society convention in London, which her husband was attending as a delegate.  It was there that Stanton met Lucretia Mott (1793-1880).  At the convention the women delegates from the United States were denied seats after some of the male U.S. delegates vehemently objected.  Mott, in response, demanded that she be treated with the same respect accorded any man—white or black.  During these heated discussions, Stanton marveled at the way Mott, a woman of forty-seven, held her own in the argument, “skillfully parried all their attacks…turning the laugh on them, and then by her earnestness and dignity silencing their ridicule….

Leased Line

Leased Line:- A leased line is a private high-performance circuit leased by a common carrier between a customer and a service provider’s network. It is rented on an annual basis and usually carries voice and data or both. Leased lines are mostly used for either internet access (Internet Leased Line) or used privately between two customer sites (Point to Point Leased Line). Unlike a dial-up connection, a leased line is always active. Similarly unlike broadband, a leased line is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone. Customers pay a premium for a leased line and it is supported by a comprehensive Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause. Otherwise referred to as a point to point,….


In his 1974 book, Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick raises the following thought experiment: “Suppose there were an experience machine that would give you any experience you desired.  Superduper neuropsychologists could stimulate your brain so that you would think and feel you were writing a great novel, or making a friend, or reading an interesting book.  All the time you would be floating in a tank, with electrodes attached to your brain.  Should you plug into this machine for life, preprogramming your life’s experiences?  If you are worried about missing out on desirable experiences, we can suppose that business enterprises have researched thoroughly the lives of many others.  You can pick and choose from their large library or smorgasbord of such experiences, selecting your life’s experiences for, say, the next two years.  After two….

Essay on I am a Leader

In order to talk about what I see as the main secret of a leader, I would like to start with my vision of the qualities that together give a leadership character. For a start – sociability. A leader without a team (even if this team consists entirely of one himself) is nobody. He does not have people with whom he will work, and whom he will lead during his leadership. And in order for the team to work like a clock, it is necessary to achieve full trust and respect from each of its members. This can be done in a simple way – by listening (and hearing what is important), talking, observing. As a result of which, revealing what a person needs and what to offer….

Business Db 400-700 words

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.  The Chairwoman of Board of Directors has selected you to lead the effort to create an international internship program for your organization. You will be leading a cross-cultural virtual team, including the vice president (VP) of human resources and department heads from all areas of the organization from its locations throughout the United States. The team is responsible for developing a 3-month summer program for 50 international interns. The international interns will be selected from university programs in their home country, will travel….

Causes and Consequences of Public Policy

 Individual Project: Models are only useful if they help us identify key aspects of policy, mimic reality, communicate concepts in a meaningful way, give means by which they can be tested, and hypothesize about the causes and consequences of public policy.

A. Order and Simplify Reality  Models need to strike a balance between simplifying reality in order to analyze political life and the danger of oversimplifying. 

B. Identify What Is Significant  A difficult task in applying any model is determining what aspects of public policy must be included. 

C. Be Congruent with Reality  While models are only concepts, they must have a relationship with reality.  

D. Provide Meaningful Communication  A model is only meaningful if it is based on ideas for which some consensus exists. 

E. Direct Inquiry….