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Nonrenewable Energy

     Deliverable Length: 1 page   Assignment              For each assignment, you will use the M.U.S.E. link to complete the lab. Access the M.U.S.E. by clicking on Learning Materials.  Please see attachments for the MUSE

In this lab, you will see the time progression of impacts associated with either coal-fired or nuclear power plants for electricity generation to help you write up a scientific paper that centers on the following: 

Given that the current 2 primary sources of electricity generation are coal and nuclear power plants, which of these sources is better for human sustainability? 

Analyze Energy Sources Lab 

Everything people do in their daily lives involves the consumption of resources particularly energy. With respect to energy, electricity is one of the most important resources consumed and also….

Log Mgmt

Log Management in the Cloud: A Comparison of In-House versus Cloud-Based Management of Log Data A SANS Whitepapers – October 2008 Written by: Jerry Sheen Sponsored by Alert Logic Basic Practices Questions for the Cloud Provider Considerations for In-House Log Management Executive Summary In the 2008 SANS Log Management Survey, 20 percent of respondents who were satisfied with their log management systems spent more than one week each month on log analysis. Most of those companies were in the Global 2000. The remaining small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and government organizations spent twine a half-day to five days per month on log analysis. The survey also showed that, because of difficulties in setup and integration, most organizations have only achieved partial automation of their log management and reporting….

Effects of Memory and Learning

Can we really learn from our mistakes? If so, how does that actually happen? Knowledge and education has helped create connections with everything that we see in society. We call these connections that have formed our memories, both good and bad. Psychologists have researched and gathered information on the creation or formation of memories and learned behaviors. Furthermore, psychologists have provided ample information on how memories can affect the education of students or people looking to learn something new. Therefore, it is through the increase attention to the ways the mind is able to obtain memories and information that can essentially help us decrease our mistakes. Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin developed a three-step model that details on how the brain is able to process and develop memories…..

cloud computing


Chapter 3

Define and describe PaaS. List the benefits of PaaS solutions. Describe potential disadvantages of PaaS. Describe how a cloud-based database management system differs from an on-site database. List the computing resources normally provided with a PaaS.

Chapter 4

Define and describe IaaS. Define and describe system redundancy. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement a redundancy plan. Define and describe load balancing. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement load balancing. Define and describe NAS. Assume you must implement a shared file system within the cloud. What company would you select? Why? What costs should your client expect to pay for cloud-based data on a gigabyte (GB) basis? Define and describe colocation. Discuss how you might use IaaS to implement colocation. Compare and….


Spanking is a form of corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence. It is usually done in act by an adult, parent, or guardian hitting the child or students buttock. The reason this is done is in response to bad behavior. Some countries have outlawed the act of pking in every setting, but many allow it as long as it is done by a parent or guardian. As many people think pking is an okay discipline, this one of the most controversial methods of disciplining your child. On one side some parents think pking should never be done, and then there are parents who believe it is okay as long as it is done for a particular reason. To some….

A Single Tear

Paintings can have all sorts of meanings. Usually, painters use these pieces of art to express themselves on things they cannot normally do. Sometimes, it can also be a product of imagination. At times, they want to visualize a series of events into one artwork. These paintings turn out to be abstracts but along the lines and colors used, there is still a hidden meaning enclosed in them. This what makes paintings interesting and mysterious.

The lithograph represents the typical Indian leader amidst struggles and tests of life. No matter how strong and determined a leader is, he still has his weak moments and the snow and wind symbolize the stumbling blocks. But no matter how difficult it may seem to be, the leader is always a leader….

Business Plan – Women’s Service Center

Abstract             This is an executive summary outlining the major issues addressed in the business plan of a proposed new business. This is the scenario: being a Nurse Practitioner trying to set up a Women’s  Service and Health Center, develop a business plan in one’s area of practice which is Women’s Service and Health Center to be presented to a bank or venture capital group for financing. The plan should have sufficient detail and overview to enable the reader to get a complete and accurate picture of the business. The services provided in the Women’s Service center should include: Prenatal services, birthing services, and care from puberty and menopause. Services should also include physical examinations, women’s health education and access to certain medications such as birth control.


Plant Layout

LAYOUT Facility layout is an arrangement of different aspects of manufacturing in an appropriate manner as to achieve desired production results. Facility layout considers available space, final product, safety of users and facility and convenience of operations. An effective facility layout ensures that there is a smooth and steady flow of production material, equipment and manpower at minimum cost. Facility layout looks at physical allocation of space for economic activity in the plant. Therefore, main objective of the facility layout planning is to design effective workflow as to make equipment and workers more productive. Facility Layout Objective A model facility layout should be able to provide an ideal relationship between raw material, equipment, manpower and final product at minimal cost under safe and comfortable environment. An efficient and….

Working Class and Age Group

Looking at the information ICM provided about relationship between neighbours, it is evident that there is a huge difference between the quantities of good neighboring relationships in different age groups, for example, from the total number, 47358, only 1031, which mearns 18% claims to have a very good relationship with their neighbours, and by the age group 65+, this number increases to 59%, which mearns 5820 people, which mearns times more “good neighboring” relationships then at the first age group. Also from the first age group 645 from 1031 claims that they don`t have a good relationships with neighbours, but in the other age group I am examining, only 498 says the same, which is only 5% of the total number. After looking at the table in whole,….

The Baddest Dog in Harlem

The owner Of the apartment (Mary) that just got shot up, returns home and begins a debate with the police who are interested in the whereabouts of her boyfriend. Eventually Mary, some cops and the narrator goes together into her apartment. The police suspect is not there, but the place is completely shot up and on the floor Marry dog lays dead from multiple bullet wounds. On the way back down from Marry apartment again, the police take notice of another apartment door and they inspect that apartment also, where they find the body of a young black boy ho has also been shot and killed -? an innocent victim of the earlier police gunfire. Characterization of characters: The main character in the text is the narrator. He….