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Lab Report 1 and 2


You are a scientist in your life and in the real world. Part of the fun of learning about the world and how it works is going beyond the text and seeing it for yourself in action.

This quarter you are studying 4 major fields of science Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science and Astronomy. For two (2) of those fields, you will perform an experiment and create a lab report.

At the end of each chapter you are assigned to read this quarter, there are “ACTIVITIES (HANDS-ON APPLICATION)” where you can find your “experiment.”

Don’t let this be the only place you look! Venture to YouTube or the Science channel’s show “Outrageous Acts of Science.” If you have wanted to put a Mentos….

The Secret to Great Partnerships Is the Triangle of Talent

Today, I wanted to share some thoughts about a complex topic that can involve significant consequences and benefits — partnerships. My thoughts on this subject could easily take up an entire book and maybe one day I’ll write it. But for now, I wanted to explore a few ideas with you on the secret to successful partnerships. Ideally, you and your business partner have skills, or what I call your “language”, that are complementary. They’re great at something that you’re not good at, and you have some skills in other areas that they lack. So your skill sets mesh well together. A typical partnership involves someone who is better at internal business issues such as operations and human resources, partnered with someone who excels at sales and business….

Brindis Speech

The speech was Rizal’s toast to the triumph of Juan Luna’s Spolarium and Felix Hidalgo’s Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al populacho in their work of arts whose works illuminates two ends of the globe: East and West (Spain and the Philippines). It’s about the acknowledgement and thanking them for the pride and glory they gave to the Filipinos. But most of all, he gives praise to those youth’s actions that can make a difference and contribute to the glory of the Philippines. He wanted to make the people realize that glory doesn’t based to a country alone. What he wanted to prove is that geniuses bloom and sprout all over the world with its own uniqueness, talents, and intelligence. No one needs to have same culture and the….

3 Brain Hacks Leaders Use to Unlock Their True Potential

In a recent with my friend and mentor Dr. Robert Cooper, he shared something that really hit home with me: “We live in a tiny corner of our possibility as human beings,” he told me. “The good news is, the brain doesn’t get it. The brain tends to only compare itself to the best of what’s common, not the best of what’s possible.” My first thought was that this is a bit tragic — imagine all that we could accomplish as a species if we actually realized our potential. Think of all the great discoveries and human achievements that remain to be unlocked simply because we don’t fully utilize the amazing brains we’ve been given. But this feeling soon gave way to excitement and optimism. Because our ability….

Eating Disorders (the Black Swan)

The main character Nina Sayers has a sever eating disorder. In her attempts to be the perfect ballerina, she is both anorexic and bulimic. She does not eat anything and if she does she later throws it up. For example, for breakfast she was forced to eat a grapefruit but is later shown in the bathroom throwing it up. When she gets the part in the play she worked so hard for, her mother buys a cake in celebration – only to be put to waste since Nina refuses to eat it. In the movie, she provides an example of what can happen when an eating disorder completely takes over. She becomes so pleased with the positive feelings she feels when she looks at herself in the mirror,….


  art 1: Topic and Outline (due at the end of Module 1) Natural scientists have often been confronted with ethical dilemmas as they make the connection between pure research and human application of the research. From our reading and our discussions, you should have a better idea of what constitutes a true ethical dilemma and how to analyze critically and examine these issues  You must select a topic from those provided below:

Physician assisted suicide (you can look at this within the U.S. or the world or contrast and compare) Hydro fracturing for natural gas (conflict between energy needs and dangers to water, health and environment) Nuclear energy (trade-off between the energy needed and the danger of exposure in disasters and/or the disposal of the waste) Waste….

Studying Abroad and Learning Finance

studying abroad the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad and learning finance in different countries Research Paper The studying abroad is becoming a hot topic, which concerns by more and more parents. In this modern and competitive society, many wealthy families and even working families all will strive to work in order to save the cost of the tuition of their children’ overseas studying. When their children grow up and start to enter universities or even they are in primary schools, they will be sent to accept more professional knowledge in foreign and developed countries than the domestic. Because this situation happened, these parents, especially in developing countries, believe that foreign educational philosophy and methods are more advanced than their countries, a number of students choose study abroad….

Has anyone done integrated marketing communications? This is the first assignment and this is what i have done so far. I need it to be improved and i will need the same person to do 5 other assignments by May 21st.

Assignment 1: How Brands are Built Introduction IMC focuses on using communication processes and tools to build relationships between a brand and the target market of an organization, specifically those relationships that create and strengthen brands. Your course textbook and modules are intended to help you understand the principles and practices of marketing communication in an integrated way, with the objective of retaining existing customers and increasing the number of new ones. In Module 1, you reviewed various marketing communication functions and learned the importance of brands, integrated marketing communications, and other customer-focused approaches essential to integrated marketing communication.  The purpose of this assignment is twofold:

First, to demonstrate your understanding of the key integrated marketing communication and brand terms and concepts discussed in Module 1 Second, to….

HN520 Discusson 8

  Resources and Interventions You  have learned about the importance of taking into consideration the  client’s belief system when making referrals to resources and  interventions. To prepare for this Discussion, please read Hoa’s Case Study. Please use the assigned readings and use the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to support your post. Please respond to the following:

What are two resources you would refer this family to in your community? 

Identify  the name of the resource, what type of help the resource could offer to  the family, and why you believe the family would benefit from this  resource. Explain  how each resource is appropriate based on what you know about the  family’s belief system. Be sure to research information on Vietnamese  culture and use that research to support….

The New Digital Era called “MP3 Technology”

Downloading of music has been a long time subject of piracy. In the 1920’s, radio stations played records that are not tracked. It is a not-so obvious manner of piracy but did impact writers who were losing money due to public performance of their works without proper accountability. No one was making money through this procedure but only radio stations via their sponsors. (Wicknick, par. 1) With this, the performance rights societies including ASCAP and BMI worked with the Congress and the FCC to change legislation to ensure that radio stations will track airplay and pay blanket licenses that were given to writers based on airplay. (Wicknick, par. 1) It is impossible to copy a record before the invention of blank tape. Its either you bought it or….