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PRITUR Market – aggregate of people who as individuals or organizations have needs or services and who have the ability, willingness and authority to purchase such products Marketing – is all about finding out what guests wants and needs are, then providing them at a reasonable cost and profit. Sales- is an important part of marketing. Difference between marketing and sales. Marketing focuses on the guests Sales it focuses on products Environmental analysis – means studying the economic social, political and technological influences that could affect the hospitality business. Focuses on: 1. Economic impact – should not be underestimated. 2. Social analysis – demographic is a part of social analysis and this is the profile of society includes: Age, sex, household, income, family size, occupation, religion, race and….

Pride and Prejudice

Questions 1. Jane Austen’s original title for the novel was First Impressions. What role do first impressions play in Pride and Prejudice? C1: Pride and Prejudice is, first and foremost, a novel about surmounting obstacles and achieving romantic happiness. For Elizabeth, the heroine, and Darcy, her eventual husband, the chief obstacle resides in the book’s original title: First Impressions. Darcy, the proud, prickly noblewoman’s nephew, must break free from his original dismissal of Elizabeth as “not handsome enough to tempt me,” and from his class-based prejudice against her lack of wealth and family connections.Elizabeth’s first impressions, meanwhile, catalogue Darcy as arrogant and self-satisfied; as a result, she later accepts slanderous accusations against him as true. Both Elizabeth and Darcy are forced to come to grips with their own….

Assignment for Discussion Board

  For this forum, students will review early release for federal non-violent prisoners convicted of drug and property offenses, a growing trend in corrections.  Through this, you will attain a better understanding of the purposes of sentencing, contemporary sentencing guidelines, and major problems facing contemporary corrections.   Read in your textbook (at the beginning of Chapter 11) the story about Timothy Tyler and Scott Walker. Craft an initial post of at least 200 words that thoroughly addresses the following elements:

In Chapter 11 you learned about the four basic philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals.

Briefly discuss these four reasons in your own words.   Which of these sentencing reasons is demonstrated in the stories of Timothy Tyler and Scott Walker?  Discuss. Are there any circumstances under which you think….

Balancing Customer Needs (10-15 Pages) APA format w/references

This task is a portion of the inventory management plan that you have been developing for your company. Utilize your work from Weeks 1–3, incorporating feedback from your instructor and peers. Your inventory management plan should summarize the various components of the plan. The plan will include the following components:

Redesign of inventory and supply chain management procedures Growth plan for operations to address the expanding needs of the company Standard operating procedures for inventory control to avoid losses

Part 2 There have been serious overstock and shortage issues in the last 18 months, resulting in lost customers. You have been asked to put together a plan on the following:

How can the company better understand the customers’ wants and needs? How can this knowledge work within the….

Case study

Using the Case study provided(Please find the attached document) write a 2-page paper addressing the questions in the Case(Questions are below). Provide references in your paper (cited and referenced in APA format), citations. Please use the following sources.   1. Do some Internet research on Chevron’s use of seismic imaging technology. Briefly explain how it works and how it has helped Chevron discover new oil and gas reservoirs. 2. Do some Internet research on security vulnerabilities associated with SCADA and digital industrial control systems. Summarize the major security concerns associated with these systems and steps than can be taken to enhance their security. 3. Discuss the pros and cons of moving enterprise-wide applications that have traditionally been supported on-premises to the cloud. 4. Do some Internet research on identity….

Conflict Management

This research work will be centering on effective conflict management, its impact on employee’s performance, productivity as well as resolution, linking to the management and employees of the organizations. Conflict can be regarded as disagreement regarding interests or ideas (Esquivel and Kleiner, 1997). Managing the conflict appears when the objectives, goals or interests of the individuals or groups are frustrated or about to frustrate.Conflict is an inevitable part of life since the goals of different stakeholders such as managers and staff are often incompatible (Jones et al 2000, Bagshaw, 1998). There are many reasons of organization’s growth and decline. Among these one reason is “conflict”. There is no single reason of conflict in the organizations, it may be several, depends upon the nature and size of the organization…..

Why Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Vuja De?

If you are a startup entrepreneur, there are moments when you feel stuck. You need radical thinking. Fresh perspectives. New ideas. Next time, you need any of this, just “VUJA DE” yourself. What’s Vuja de? We are all familiar with Deja vu, which is that distinct feeling you’ve been here or experienced something before. Vuja de is the opposite, it is that feeling when you enter a situation you’ve been in a thousand times before, but you re-look at familiar situations or everyday things as if you were seeing it for the first time.

In every entrepreneur’s journey,  at some point, you hit a roadblock. You constantly need to spark with new ideas and insights, the best way to do that is to look at the familiar— your….

Anabolic Running Review

Shapely Legs It will not take long for your pains on a    Anabolic Running indoor cycling bike to point out up as weight loss however theres another nice profit to indoor cycling. Indoor sport uses giant muscle teams in your legs. It doesnt take long before your thighs hamstrings and calves begin to require form. 3 indoor cycling workouts per week can create a distinction within the shapely look of your leg. Get Belly Workout While You Indoor Cycle Indoor cycling instructors neer quit once it involves talking regarding technique and posture. Correct posture is very important to operating the correct muscle teams. Additionally to the key leg muscles worked throughout a indoor sport routine the abdominal muscles get a elbow grease as well. Some people will….



Assignment 2: Investment Risk Management Due Week 8 and worth 280 points

Risk management negligence within the financial services industry contributed to one of the most significant economic crisis in the recent history of the U.S. During this time, Lehman Brothers, a global financial services company, filed for bankruptcy protection. This created the largest bankruptcy ever within the financial services industry. In order to complete this assignment, you will need to search the Internet and Strayer databases for information related to Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the financial risk factors that contributed to the failure, and management’s responsibility for the failure.

Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:

Based on the information you research related to Lehman Brothers, assess the factors that contributed to….

Economics: Supply and Demand and Fried Chicken

A comparative study of the demand for KFC and Japs at a particular high school between the period September 5 and 26, 201 1 The title of the project was clearly stated. It was a micro-economic topic and was appropriate for this level. The full two marks were awarded. Purpose of the Project

Three objectives were adequate although seven were listed. The full three marks were Collection of Data Five sources of data collection were used. The full three marks were awarded. Presentation of Data A combination of tables, graphs, charts and diagrams were used. ll were accurately named and labelled. The full seven marks were awarded. retationandApalsis An excellent analysis of data using relevant economic theory was done. The full ten marks were awarded. Findings Seven findings….