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Benzathine Benzylpenicillin

There are many people around the globe who would benefit from an injectable drug designed to release small amounts of medication over the course of a month. This is particularly necessary for people suffering from bacterial meningitis as they are required to receive injections on a regular basis. Additionally, there are countless other populations that would benefit from the availability of injectable medication. This type of medication dispension is useful for third world populations since they don’t have access to doctors on a regular basis.

An injection that lasts for one month would ensure that these people were receiving necessary medication on a regular basis. At the same time, an injectable form of medication increases patient compliance since they are only responsible for getting the injection once a….

Carrington and Virgin Atlantic

Over the last few years other competitors have been experiencing cutbacks and short falls in their profit earnings. Not Virgin Atlantic; in 2004, Branson merged into a partnership with a global company based in India, known as WNS Global Services. According to Outsourcing Journal (2008), Jim Carrington, head of procurement for Virgin Atlantic at that time stated, “We needed a partner that understood both the industry and Virgin unique culture. ” This merger with WNS expanded Virgin Atlantics outreach, allocated other business strategies that suited the airlines rapid growth. WNS expert business strategies won the confidence of Carrington and Virgin Atlantic; according to Carrington, “WNS’s knowledge was comprehensive and its solutions flexible. They could talk the talk. ” Branson’s airline began to undergo major business restructuring through process….


   Crowdsourcing in the field of interface design takes tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals and spreads them out among a group of people or a community. These assignments are usually done through an open call. Crowdsourcing has become increasingly popular with the growth of Web 2.0 and online communities. Write a Twelve to fourteen (12-14) page paper in which you: 1. Examine the invention and growth of crowdsourcing in the field of interface design. 2. Describe the impact that crowdsourcing has had on the field of interface design. 3. Analyze and discuss at least three (3) benefits of incorporating crowdsourcing in a design project. 4. Analyze and discuss at least three (3) challenges of incorporating crowdsourcing in a design project. 5. Propose a solution for generating interest….

Edi, Wap

CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. WHAT IS EDI? 3. WHY USE EDI? 4. ADVANTAGES OF EDI OVER A PAPER-BASED DOCUMENT TRANSFER SYSTEM 5. HOW EDI WORKS? 6. EDI COMPONENTS 7. FILE TYPES. 8. EDI SERVICES. 9. CONCLUSION. INTRODUCTION Everybody uses business connections of one sort or another to get orders, send bills, make collections, determine and pay what it owes, move goods, and control its money. The business connections used historically to perform these operations have been the postal service and the telephone. A relatively new link is electronic data communications facilities. Your links to business connections are limited to the mail and the telephone. Both are slow. Both terminate with that wall of people who feed the computer and who may make errors. What your company needs is….

Human Cognitive -Can ANYONE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS??????


 Why reading matters: A holistic study for the digital age 

Please watch the following film and create 5 questions based off the film. Questions should be short answer, fill in the blank and/or true/false questions for this assignment.  Questions should come from the full span of the film, NOT just the beginning. 

1. Question:


2. Question:


3. Question:


4. Question:


5. Question:


My Court Observation Analysis

For my court observation, I was able to sit in a Texas State District Court. The judge of the court I observed was Honorable Judge Etta J. Mullin. Everything was pretty much what I expected to see. I wasn’t expecting anything outrageous to happen like on the television. I was expecting everything to be very professional and very boring, like watching the C-SPAN channel. The walls were a dull brown color and most of the furniture was wooden. The Judge sat on a little stand and next to the stand was a seat where people would go to present evidence or tell stories under oath. On the Judge’s right side, there were two rows of seats that the Jury would sit in. There were police officer standing in….


1. Choose the theme you want to work with: The theme I chose was Symbolism.  2. Identify the poems that you want to work with: the poems are “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost, “Sea Fever” by John Masefield, and “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning.    3. Give a description of your theme and the reason for your choice (don’t use first person in an academic essay)  4. Showcase how the poets that you have picked use the theme in their work (not to exceed 1 paragraph)  5. Paraphrase your poems very briefly. (1 paragraph)  6. Analyze how your theme plays out in the poems you have chosen.  7. Present a conclusion with a cross analysis where you can tie in all the poems together and discuss….

Learning Chapters on Project Procurement Management

Nine months later her company was still paying high consulting fees, and half of the original consultants on the project had been replaced with new people. One new consultant had graduated from college only two months before and had extremely poor communications skills. Maria’s Internal staff complained that they were wasting mime training some of these “experienced professionals. ” Marie talked to her company’s purchasing manager about the contract, fees, and special clauses that might be relevant to the problems they were experiencing. Marie was dismayed at how difficult It was to Interpret the contract. It was very long and obviously written by someone with a legal background. When she asked what her company could do since the consulting firm was not following its proposal, the purchasing manager….

Professionalism and Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of nurses in both their professional and personal lives. Additionally, social media is now considered a mainstream part of the process for recruiting and hiring candidates. Inappropriate or unethical conduct on social media can create legal problems for nurses as well as the field of nursing. Login to all social media sites in which you engage (Note you can use Illinois State for social media site). Review your profile, pictures and posts. Based on the professional standards of nursing, identify items that would be considered unprofessional and potentially detrimental to your career and that negatively impact the reputation of the nursing field. In 500-750 words, summarize the findings of your review. Include the following:

Describe the posts or conversations….

Report on wide screen displays

A widescreen image is a movie, computing machine, or telecasting image with a width-to-height facet ratio greater than the standard 1.37:1 Academy facet ratio provided by 35mm movie. Screen Aspect Ratio is fundamentally a step of the horizontal length of a telecasting ( or movie ) screen, in relation to its perpendicular tallness. In other words, a traditional telecasting has a Screen Aspect Ratio of 4×3. This means that a traditional telecasting has a screen that is four units long for every three units in tallness. Converting these units into inches would ensue in measurings of 4-inches by 3-inches or 8-inches by 6-inches, and on-and-on. By the same item, on widescreen telecasting ( such as today ‘s HDTVs ) , the Screen Aspect Ratio is 16 units long….