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Week 9

Respond 1:

 Substantive tests of transactions are designed to verify the dollar value of transactions, while substantive tests of balances are tests that substantiate the ending balance of a general ledger account. A situation when a substantive test of balances can occur is when an auditor is testing accounts receivable balances. The auditor will verify that the balance in the general ledger agrees with the individual accounts receivable balances through confirmation possible using one of the examples of positive or negative confirmation above. Another example of when auditors may perform substantives tests of balances is when confirming inventory balances at the end of the year and associated accounts receivable balances.

Respond 2:

 Confirmations are type of audit evidence used to determine tests of details for accounts receivable balances.  In general, “a….

wk 1.2 criminal law

 A central component to any criminal case is the jurisdictional requirement for a court to hear a criminal case. In your examinations this week, focus on the power of jurisdiction and its significance as part of the criminal justice system. Who creates jurisdiction, and why is it so significant? Similarly, a sound understanding of the legal requirements of a crime is essential for all criminal justice professionals. You must be able to dissect a criminal statute to understand what actions and mindset are required to be proved to gain a conviction. Criminal statutes are precise, and your understanding of the elements of crime must be precise as well. 


Detail the significance of elements of crimes. At a minimum, your response must detail all of the following:


Evaluating Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Quantitative Research Designs

Discussion: Evaluating Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Quantitative Research Designs With a clear purpose in place, quantitative researchers have a road map for crafting their research questions and hypotheses that will further focus the approach they will take to investigate their topic (i.e., their study’s research design).

The selection of a research design is guided by the study’s purpose and research questions and hypotheses, and the design then links the research questions and hypotheses to the data that will be collected. You should keep in mind, however, that the research process is interactive, not necessarily proceeding in a linear fashion from one component to the next. Rather, the writing of research questions could, for example, necessitate adjustments to the study’s purpose statement. Nevertheless, when presented together, the various components….

“Alienation from Self ” Concept Essay in Fahrenheit 451

 Since concepts are closely related to each other, there will be some examples that work to illustrate multiple concepts. Alienation, for instance, includes a feeling of emptiness, so there is overlap between the concept of alienation and the concept of emptiness. One of the challenges of this essay is thinking carefully about concepts in order to make distinctions between them. There is no rule about how many examples you need to use in this essay. In general, the more examples you have, the better, but remember that you need to carefully explain how each example works to illustrate the concept, so in most cases it is best to have only one example per body paragraph. The examples should mostly come from Bradbury. Examples of the concept from your….

Psychosis Portrayed in the Media

Impact of Media’s Portrayal of Psychotic Illness on Viewers Introduction Psychotic disorders are the more serious form of mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. Many multidimensional factors have contributed to the social stigma of psychotic mental illness, deeming it a social problem. According to Landsberg and Rock (2010), stigma and discrimination impacts policy and program response to the issue, causing limitations on our financing. As a result, there is a deficiency of resources provided by macro and micro level systems for individuals battling with the illness despite a recent shift in society’s perception. Programs such as National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the Recovery Movement have been trying to increase public understanding of the illness, advocate for government resources, and emphasize supportive networks such as family, friends, and mental….

watch the following video and read the questions then write 2 pages

Disclaimer: it is a bit of funny, factual, eye opening, and ridiculousness all wrapped into one. Your job: Answer the following questions: ·       What is native advertising? ·       What is the separation of church and state as described in the video? ·       Does new media consumption add to the need for native advertising? Why or why not? ·       Should native advertising be regulated by the government? If you think yes, suggest how it might happen. If you think no, explain why not? ·       Is native advertising to adults ethical? ·       Is native advertising to protected groups (children, seniors, handicapped) ethical? ·       If you owned a media company and your rivals generated revenue from native advertising, would you use it? Write in paragraph format and limit your response….

Business Gross and Net Profit

Gross and Net profit Gross profit A company’s revenue, minus the business’ costs of goods For example: If I sold 5000 cheese sandwiches for ? 1 each my total revenue would be 50 x ? 1 = ? 5000 It costs 25p per sandwich to purchase bread, butter and cheese. My gross profit = Revenue – Costs of sales (25p x 5000= ? 1250. 00) = ? 3750. 00 Net profit The business’ gross profit minus expenses For example: My gross profit from my sandwiches is ? 3750. 00 to calculate my Net profit I need to minus the rest of my expenses 385 on rent 80 on advertising 950 on staff salaries My total expenses are ? 1,415 My net profit= Gross profit (? ,750) – Expenses….

Literature Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram. This erectly spreading plant has strong aromatic characteristics, with leaves and stems that are fleshy. The leaves of oregano are heart-shaped, with toothed edges, and which, grow for up to 9 meters in length. In other countries, the plant is primarily used as a culinary ingredient. However, in countries like the Philippines, Oregano is a known herbal medicine for its strong anti-oxidant properties. Plant family: Lamiaceae (mint family). Oregano is more popularly known for its aromatic and balsamic flavor and is commonly used as mint flavoring in Mediterranean and Mexican foods. Oregano, as used as herbal medicine, has its earliest beginnings even in early Egyptian times and has been traditionally….

Walmart: SWOT analysis

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation, an American company. The company was founded by Sam Walton in the year of 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969. Headquarter is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas. Wal-Mart conducts a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. The Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retail industry. As of 2016, Walmart has 11,527 stores and clubs in 28 countries, under a total of 63 banners. Also, Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States of America. The company operates under the Walmart name in the United States and Canada. An uncommon feature of Walmart is that it is virtually recession proof. The reason behind it is, in times of economic recession, consumers flock discount retailers. Walmart is the world’s largest company….

Managing Customer Perceptions of the Business Environment

Per Bendapudi and Berry, the environmental influences consumer behavior but does not influence consumers’ trust. Organizations have to research extent of how their marketing environment creates customers’ perceived behavior and also how individual factors of given environment add to that perception. While many other researchers and authors suggest that functional behavior requires perception of trust, authors of this article are suggesting that this may not be obsolete condition. Some organizational environments are more likely to result in dysfunctional or functional behaviors as a result of larger customer perception of dependency. If customer is perceiving dependence in continuity, competitive advantage is than probably gained through managing customer perceptions of the organizational environment to reduce perceptions of high dependency. This may then reduce the negative impact arising from dependence based….