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Components of Mis

Hardware Input and output devices constitute the hardware components of MIS. Software The programs and applications that convert data into machine-readable language are known as software. Procedures Procedures are sets of rules or guidelines, which an organization establishes for the use of a computer-based information system. Personnel The computer experts, managers, users, analysts, programmers, database managers, and many other computer professionals who utilize the computer-based information systems are the personnel in a management information system.COMPONENTS OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM USED IN LILAVATI HOSPITAL & RESEARCH SYSTEM 1) Marketing Research System (MRS) 2) Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) 3) Internal Reporting System (IRS) 4) Decision Support System (DSS) DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM Decision support systems (DSS) are a computer-based information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities. DSS’s serve the….

Writing Assignment 2

  Your response to this discussion is due by this week Friday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). You are also asked to comment on at least one other student’s thread in the class on his or her response. Your comment to your classmate is due by this week Sunday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). _____________ Hi students! This discussion topic is designed to help you become familiar with how to annotate articles. In this discussion, you’ll read an academic article on teaching grammar and then write an annotation of that article.  Here’s how to get started: Step 1: Watch the video, “How to Write an Annotated Bibliography-7th edition.” (It’s in this week’s Content.) Step 2: Access and then read the article, “Teaching Grammar and Editing in Public Administration: Lessons Learned….

Two Discussion posts

Discussion: Typical vs. Atypical Development  Discussion Topic

Throughout this course, we have explored different aspects of development, and research has presented a variety of influences in the form of biological, social, emotional, and cognitive domains. At the end of nearly every chapter reading, a holistic position began to emerge that acknowledges the contribution by each domain. In our final discussion, reflect on whether a holistic approach is just as effective for accounting for atypical development as it is for typical development. Utilize examples from the course to support your position, or consider using an issue of atypical development to provide context (e.g., autism or antisocial behavior). 

Discussion: Future Research in Personality Psychology  Discussion Topic

Discuss where you think personality psychology research is headed.   In your initial post,….

What Are the Sources of External and Internal Motivation for People?

What are the sources of internal and external motivations for people’s action? Xu Zhijun 24087 Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities Motivation is the reason of people starting, directing and maintaining activities, not the result (Zimbardo, Johnson & Weber, 2000). The reason why people take action can be different; basically there are two big aspects: internal and external motivation. Internal motivation is to do something for your own sake. It can be your personality interest or the value which you pursue; it’s very similar with intrinsic motivation. The external motivation is to do something for other’s sake. It sounds similar with extrinsic motivation, but it is a different concept which I will present precisely. I suggest if people want to change or maintain some particular behaviors, the….



   Part 1 is comprised of the training program package that would be necessary for your organization. The package is to include a lesson plan and training materials (handouts, presentation, etc.). Part 1 THAT WAS DUE on Sunday of Module/Week 3. Part 2, which will be due in Module/Week 6, will be a literature review to provide support for the training program you develop.

   Individual Project: Part 2 Instructions Based on the topic you chose for training, please conduct a literature review to support your training program. The literature review should be written in APA format, including a properly formatted title page, abstract, and reference page (not Works Cited or Bibliography). The literature review must be a minimum of….

Hausser Food Products Company Сase Study

Summary: Due to demographical changes and competition growth Hausser Food Products Company (a leading infant food producer and marketer with a 60% market share) is currently facing a decrease in sales growth and profit together with unused capacities of its plant and warehouse. Hired by HFP researcher finds out from their Regional Sales Manager, Brenda Cooper, about the difficulties of motivating her team to come up with new ideas of selling to increase the sales. Reasons 1. HFP target planning doesn’t involve “people from the field” while they are the ones who know the local markets, what is realistic, what their capabilities of selling are whereas they are the ones to finally meet the targets.

2. Rewarding scheme is not adjusted to the constantly changing market and working….

Mary Kay Cosmetics: Asian Market Entry (A)

Mary Kay Cosmetics: Asian Market Entry (A) In February 1993, Curran Dandurand, senior vice president of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc.’s (MKC) global marketing group, was reflecting on the company’s international operations. MKC products had been sold outside the United States for over 15 years, but by 1992, international sales represented only 11% of the $1 billion total. In contrast, one of MKC’s U.S. competitors, Avon Products Inc., derived over 55% of its $3.6 billion sales (at wholesale prices) from international markets in 1992. Dandurand wondered how MKC could expand international operations and which elements of MKC’s culture, philosophy, product line, and marketing programs were transferable. She wanted to define the critical success factors for MKC internationally and establish a marketing strategy for future international expansion. Specifically, she was….

Contract analysis scenario two

  I NEED IT IN 12 HOURS. Contract analysis scenario two—remedies determination: Mundo manufactures printing presses. Extra, a publisher of a local newspaper, had decided to purchase new presses. Rep, a representative of Mundo, met with Boss, the president of Extra, to describe the advantages of Mundo’s new press. Rep also drew rough plans of the alterations that would be required in Extra’s pressroom to accommodate the new presses, including additional floor space and new electrical installations, and Rep left the plans with Boss. On December 1, Boss received a letter signed by Seller, a member of Mundo’s sales staff, offering to sell the required number of presses at a cost of $2.4 million. The offer contained provisions relating to the delivery schedule, warranties, and payment terms but did….

Health Informatics: Assignment Week 5

Health Informatics: Assignment Week 5 Objective: In this assignment you are request to you will describe, analyze and apply process of creating claims, locating specific claim, methods used to submit electronic claims, and the claim determination process used by health plans.  ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (10%): Students will judgmentally evaluate the readings from Chapter 9 and 10 on your textbook and from the article assigned for week 5. The Purpose of this Administrative and Structural Analysis of an Electronic Health Claim Management is to describes the potential benefits of EHRs that include clinical outcomes (eg, improved quality, reduced medical errors), organizational outcomes (eg, financial and operational benefits), and societal outcomes (eg, improved ability to conduct research, improved population health, reduced costs). Despite these benefits, studies in the literature highlight drawbacks….


1. Explain the difference between archiving and database backup. Why are they both important?  (35%)

Archiving differs from database backup, here is a link to a somewhat dated site but with good content http://www.xaprb.com/blog/2007/06/13/archive-strategies-for-oltp-servers-part-1/

2. Assume you are working for a financial institution. What information do you feel needs to be archived? Give specific examples of government laws and regulations that may apply. (30%)

3. The DBA denormalized some of the data in the Premier Products database, and one of the resulting tables is the following: (20%)

Orders (OrderNum, OrderDate, CustomerNum, CustomerName, Street, City, State, Zip, PartNum, Description, NumOrdered, QuotedPrice)

Which field or fields cause the table to no longer be in third normal form? In which normal form is the table (copy the appropriate normal form definition….