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A study on Key Leadership Qualities of a Project Manager

Origin of the Report This report idea was initiated by the honorable course instructor of ‘Project Management’ as a part of course completion of MBA program at the Institute of Business Administration, Gangrening University. Specific guidelines were provided by the instructor to conduct the study for academic purpose. 1. Objectives of the Report The primary objective of the study was to fulfill the requirement of the course module as per the guideline by the instructor that leads to attaining the following specific objectives. Identify and evaluate the project performance in terms of time, cost and performance. Identify different key aspects of the project manager’s characteristics that influence the project success. 1. 3 Methodology This report has been developed in context of exploratory research. To prepare this report, both….

Using Ethics in Visual Communication

  Competency Evaluate and revise ethical issues in visual media communication to improve awareness of social perceptions. Instructions You are the campaign manager for a well known environmental outreach organization. The current campaign is to bring awareness to the organization’s Ohio River Clean-Up Project. As the manager, one of your tasks is to review all content and visuals used by the campaign. You actively evaluate and revise any ethical issues that may be detrimental to the project, your organization, or society in general. As you meet with one of the campaign designers, you identify several ethical problems with the new poster he has created. His poster includes the following elements:

The poster image shows a group of poor, urban, African-American children playing alongside the Ohio River. The poster….

Statement of Cash Flows

Statement of Cash Flows Larry D. Abernathy ACC 421/Intermediate Financial Accounting I Richard Burden Statement of Cash Flows The facts contained in the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement is connected by the bridge that is the statement of cash flows. By recording the flow of cash and cash equivalents into and out of the company the statement of cash flow is a good indicator of a company’s health. Thus, the purpose of the statement of cash flow is to reflect in record form the cash balances reflected in the balance sheet. The statement of cash flow has three main sections and each section tells us a unique thing about the company. The operating section tells us how the company is generating and using cash to….

justice system

For this assignment, you will interview a law enforcement officer regarding his or her views about accepting gratuities. 

During the interview with the officer, you will discuss the following topics related to gratuities, reporting on the interview in your Individual Project report:

Determine from the officer the department’s official policy related to gratuities, and relate how strictly that policy is enforced. Discuss any “unofficial” code regarding gratuities. Does the officer feel that he or she should be allowed to accept small gratuities such as free or discounted meals or coffee? 

You will then explore and report on the following questions in your Individual Project report:

Discuss in detail 2 basic arguments against the acceptance of gratuities. Do you believe, based upon your reading of the topic of gratuities….

Ptlls assignment

Introduction In this assignment I will discuss the roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning as described in Ann Gravels’ book, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. I use my experiences of teaching abroad to clarify how the various theories and aspects of teaching affected my own role in adult teaching. 1. Roles and Responsibilities in lifelong learning Role and responsibilities and Identifying and meeting needs (1. 3/1. ) Gravels (2012) states that the main role of a teacher Is to teach a subject In such way that all dents are actively involved during every session. By using clear language and terms that are understandable for all students, the teacher ensures the learning that takes place. Managing students from the beginning of the course to completion….

Ptlls T3 Assessment Task

Everyone within the educational system is entitled to equality, differentiation, inclusivity, diversity and entitlement. Equality – All students should be treated equally regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity. I therefore would ensure that all students are treated equally regardless of these factors. Differentiation – It is very important has a teacher to be able to differentiate between all my learners. My approach to teaching must ensure that all students learn well despite their many differences. The main thing with differentiation is to always remember that all learners are individuals. Because of this i would continually assess all learners throughout their course. Inclusivity – Within the classroom it is important that all learners are made to feel and are actively included in the subject material that i am teaching…..


Learn WEEK 1 IT’S A DIGITAL WORLD /ASSIGNMENT 1 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Due Week 4, worth 150 points The ability to effectively communicate is one of the most in demand and sought after skills in today’s workforce. As a business professional, you will be expected to not only communicate in a clear and concise way, but to do so strategically. These communication skills are necessary to manage personnel effectively and to drive your organization toward its strategic goals and outcomes. Effective communication starts with planning. By developing a strategic communications plan you will be more intentional in your messages and the actions you ask of your audience. This plan is the foundation for Assignments 2 and 3. INSTRUCTIONS Create a written strategic communications plan for the professional communication….

Completing Your Action Research Project Essay

                                                                           Assignment:                                         Completing Your Action Research Project Essay                                                                    Reading Literacy  Part H:

Implications for Practice, Dissemination of Results, and Contributions to the Field of Education.

Respond to the following question below: 3 pages Using APA style and references

What changes are you going to  make based on the findings? Describe your action steps using SMART goals (For      example., goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic,      timely, and tangible). What is your plan for sharing  your research story and the risks you are willing to take to share your  story in and out of your school environment? How did you plan to disseminate results? For example, what considerations did you make for reporting  results to parents versus reporting to your school colleagues? Consider      how your reporting mechanisms influenced others….

Case Study

  SOAP Notes Imagine that you are working in a small mental health component of a nonprofit organization in your community. This department can be a part of the nonprofit you have created in earlier units in the course if it fits within the scope of people who you serve, or you can imagine that you are working with another nonprofit in your community if it does not. Read the case of Helena, which is in the instructions below. Modeling after the notes taken for the case of Sheryl in the Unit VII Lesson, create professional mental health notes using SOAP notes as discussed in this unit. At the end of your case study, include one or two reflection paragraphs about the assignment. If an emotionally distraught person….

Example of a Letter Written to Christopher

How to Chat Dear Christopher, Thank you for your question on how to chat. I am your agony aunt, and my name is Skye, and I am writing to you to answer your question which was; how do I chat? Firstly, you must always try to be kind to the person that you want to chat with. You must never try to make them upset or hurt them, even if they are being mean to you. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what somebody is really saying because they might be using a metaphor or sarcasm or an expression which you don’t understand. If you don’t understand them, then you must ask them to; “please repeat what you have just said, because I didn’t understand you”. If….