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For Product Placement Marketing, It’s All About the Moolah

The most effective advertisements have always been the ones that don’t look like advertisements. — placing brand name products in movies and television shows — is nothing new and, until about the 1980s, “” worked tirelessly to place their products in the movies. The movie E.T., while entertaining, was an advertisement for Reese’s Pieces; James Bond movies promote Aston-Martin automobiles and just about every Hollywood movie ever promotes Apple computers. This isn’t because Hollywood producers simply think Apple products are cool — it’s because Apple writes a check. It’s an important tactic for all marketers to consider, as traditional advertising continues to lose its effectiveness among millennials. The music industry gets into the act. Traditionally, musicians made money by selling vinyl records — but nobody buys vinyl any….

Business law Persuasive Essay

The cup itself says to be careful and why would anyone put a cup of hot coffee in between their legs especially being n the passenger seat where one could actually hold the cup in their hands which would have possibly prevented her from spilling hot coffee all over herself. The media won’t tell you that the actually cup Itself melted from the hot coffee and therefore doesn’t give those who question this case a chance to see what really happened. This film seems to give a broad layout of what actually took place and why Stella Livable should be awarded for damages. Let’s just say that the cup actually broke on its own while she was holding it, then that would be a different story. Then he….

Determining a Diagnosis

A counselor’s own perception of psychopathology is extremely important in the diagnostic process.  Using the case study of “Tina”, write a 500-750 word essay in which you examine your thought process about her presenting issues. Include the following in your paper:  1.Discuss the historic and cross-cultural perspectives of psychopathology that could potential impact the diagnosis and treatment of Tina.  2.After reviewing the several diagnoses that could pertain to Tina from the latest version of the DSM, what is your diagnostic impression?  3.Substantiate your diagnostic impression with appropriate criteria from the current version of the DSM.  4.Discuss how historic misconceptions of psychopathology could potentially impact the treatment of this client. As part of this discussion, you may include a diagnosis, any referrals that you would make, and a general….

Public education resources

for this essay, you will explore an issue of your choosing in education, and use Freire’s concept of banking education to help you analyze it more closely and concisely. You issue can relate to your own experience or a another issue in education that you see as problematic. Remember, you do not have to agree with Freire-you only have to use his ideas in order to help you explore the issue you want to discuss.

A successful essay will: 1. introduce your education issue and banking education(in any order). Remember that although it will be tempting, your intro should NOT include a “thesis statement” 

2. make extensive use of the concept of banking education as a means of analysis. 

3. use paraphrases of specific ideas from Freire (in….


SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY***DUE TOMORROW BEFORE 11:59PM***MUST NOT BE PLAGIARIZED****    In preparation for the Reaction Paper and by completing your textbook readings, you will be equipped to describe ethical and legal issues and differentiate counselor’s roles according to specific state requirements (Syllabus MLOs: A, B, C, D, F, G, H and Module/Week 2 LOs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). A reaction paper is a way of responding to readings, lectures, and life experiences that requires the learner to interact with new ideas and techniques on several levels. Your review can be accomplished by thinking of 3 words: summarize, reflect, and act. For this assignment, you will read and respond to Chapter 10 of the Sanders text. Your paper must be in current APA format. The abstract must be….


  Based on the course curriculum pick any system in the body covered in this course that is of interest to you and write a paper on (1) condition that is related to the organ system.  (Example:  Lymphatic System:   lymphedema  ) YOUR PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE: a.  The pathophysiology of the condition b.  The signs and symptoms of the condition c.  The organs and/or organelles involved in the condition d.  How is the condition diagnosed e.  What are some alternative treatment protocols and what is the success rate of these protocols. Papers will be graded according to the final criteria: 25%: Correct and relevant content pertaining to course 25%: Correct spelling/grammar of all information presented 25%: Clarity of thought, expression and presentation, must include at least two graphics, pics, charts etc.. for….

Human Services Practice Framework

SWK141A MODULE THREE LEARNING ACTIVITY DUE 12/04/13 think about the following three broad practice contexts 1. Remote areas health policy at the national level 1. The practice context is at the macro practice level 2. The practice method in this context would be Social policy 3. The Target population includes people living in remote locations. 4. The practice approach chosen is the radical, structural and critical approach due to the focus of social action being on the system, and the outcomes on broad social change at a structural level. Chenoweth & McAuliffe ( 2008) state that the radical and structural approaches align with the social model of disability barriers create disability through social and environmental issues. therefore, change is made possible through policy and legislation affecting the whole….

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 Network Security Storage & Cloud StorageCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:

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Compliance audits take place in corporations on a regular basis. In many instances, an organization’s security posture is driven by such compliance mandates, whether they are administered by the government, a third party, or prompted by internal measures. In addition, the security of network storage and cloud storage are also frequently discussed among industry professionals.

Examine the prevalence of honeypots and honeynets. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using each. Explain which one of the two you would recommend your organization use and why. Cloud backup storage is growing in popularity.  Examine the advantages and disadvantages of an organization using cloud backup storage.  Explain whether you would recommend using….

To What Extent Were Hitler and Stalin Similar?

To what extent were Hitler and Stalin similar? Hitler and Stalin were both cruel dictators around the time of WW2, but to what extent were these two men similar? Firstly they were both dictators throughout WW2; however they were both of different beliefs. Hitler was a fascist and Stalin was a communist, however they were both such extreme versions of these beliefs that they were, in many ways alike. Starting with childhood, Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau, near to the German border. His father, Alois Hitler was an abusive drunk similar to Stalin’s father, Besarion Vanovis Jughashvili. This evidence suggests that perhaps the bad relationships these men had with their fathers, who made very poor role models, may….

MBA Admissions Essays

Essay # 1 List one of your most significant professional or organizational accomplishments. Describe your precise role in this event and how it has helped to shape your management skills. I started out initially as a technical support representative for a Stage Software Inc. in 2003 for a period of six months while presently I am associated with McKing Consulting Corporation. However for a period of two years I was associated with SunTrust Bank, where I started out as a Staff Accountant level one and in a year’s time was promoted to the next level this was based on outstanding job performance and proposal.

In addition during the initially stage I was one of the team members who was responsible for relocation and change of the accounting system….