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**** For Mathguy18**** Revision of Literature Review and Introduction

 Description: In this assignment, you will revise the introduction and literature review that you wrote for the Unit IV assignment. Revisions must be substantive and should be made in accordance with the professor’s instructions. The following parts of the assignment must be revised:

 Introduction (9-12 well-developed sentences/approximately 350 words): For more details about what is expected for each of the following sentences, please see “Lesson 4: The Introduction.” You may also want to review the “Example Introduction and Literature Review (with comments).” The following components must be included in the introduction (in the following order). o Sentence 1: Introduce the general topic o Sentence 2: Pro side (general) o Sentence 3: Con side (general) o Sentence 4: Narrow the scope (1) o Sentence 5: Examples of the….

Health, Safety & Environmental Management.

1.0 INTRODUCTION: We are living in an era described as an environmentally conscious age, where every deed acted by humans in terms of development, the effect is being weighed in relation to our environment. Consequently this has prompted a substantial number of environmental regulations being endorsed to hold business organizations more accountable for their environmental responsibilities. These policies tend to focus on tackling such problems from the source, with the knowledge of how certain insignificant decisions taken by such organizations can have a detrimental effect on the environment as a whole. (Darnall et al 2008). One of the strategies adopted by these organisations was to introduce a tool known as Environmental Management System (EMS) that can be used to achieve a high degree of environmental protection within the….

Marketing 400 final

In order to win the bid you must understand that my country chosen is Mexico and the business is bringing an MLB franchise to Mexico City. 

Your final Portfolio Project for this class will be to create a comprehensive marketing plan for a company and product of your choosing in a country of your choosing (selected in Week #1). This should be a new product in a hypothetical company, or for an existing company where you are proposing a new country market entry where they do not currently market in. You have created marketing plans before, but this plan will vary depending on the international strategies and the concepts you have learned in class. Apply international theory, concepts, and terminology throughout the plan.Use the marketing plan offered in Part….

Don`t Blame the Eater Persuasive Essay

David Zincked up to the point that we have to take ‘personal responsibility for our rise in obesity, I cannot agree that he targets his opinion on that fast food restaurants are to blame. In my opinion the personal responsibility is on the parents in how they choose to teach, guide or show by example on how to make healthy choices. Temptations are everywhere, our parents tell us not to eat dirt, so we don’t so why is the choice of something healthy over Junk so difficult. Let us take for instance when our kids go off to school, majority of parents pack their kids’ inches, usually consisting of a drink, sandwich, vegetable or fruit, and a small treat. It is when our kids are at home that….

Research and design method Psychology

Research and Critique an Experimental Study Prior to beginning work on this assignment, be sure to have read all the required resources for the week. Find an experimental research study on the topic chosen in Week One for your Final Research Proposal. You may choose to include an experimental study which was included in the literature review you used in the Week One assignment by searching the reference list for experimental research studies on the topic. However, it is also acceptable to find and include an experimental research study on the topic that is not included in that literature review. Identify the specific experimental research design used in the study. Summarize the main points of the experimental research study including information on the hypothesis, sampling strategy, research design,….

The History Of The Refrigerator

Before refrigerators were produced, people were forced to cool their food with ice, snow, or nearby rivers and springs. Most people also had to can, salt, and pickle their food to preserve their meals. During these times, inventors were working towards the creation of the refrigerator. In 1758, Benjamin Franklin experimented with the effects of evaporation on temperature. With the help from chemist John Hadley, both men were able to find a way to drop thermometers temperature below freezing. Franklin and Hadley’s work was soon picked up by the American inventor, Oliver Evans. Using principles drew up by Franklin; Evans drew the design for a refrigerator in 1805. Jacob Perkins modified Evan’s design and built the first practical refrigerating machine in 1834. Soon after, John Gorrie used Evan’s design to build a refrigerator to make….


  1.  Identify two new products and/or services that the company can sell or offer to a global market. a.  Discuss three different methods you used to determine that there is both a need as well as an existing global market for these products and/or services. b.  Explain one competitive advantage that the company will gain by offering these new products and/or services to a global market. c.  Discuss two inherent risks associated with launching the new products and/or services to a global market and how to minimize these risks. 2.  Discuss the customer relationship management (CRM) software system you prescribe to track product and/or service inquiries and sales. a.  Explain how the information generated by the CRM software will be used to continue to drive CRM practices….

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150 words each 

SARIKA The technology has been more helpful to human but sometimes is harmful human life. Most of the businesses have been deploying the use of the technology to ensure there is an improvement in the business performances (Jiang, P., et al. 2017). The company has been developing some of the technology practices to increase the value and quality of the technology by increase competitive advantage in the marketing and sales field. Currently, the implementation of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is used in enhancing business transformation activities successfully. There are different strategies that business management should deploy to understand the need for SOA. Firstly, it helps in improving the communication network between different departments and ensuring there is effective information sharing. The implementation of SOA in….

Impact of a Board on Comunity

In the event that the loaned discontinues studies for whichever reason before full disbursement is made, the Board shall not disburse the remaining allocation and shall recall the loan so far as advanced in full together with the interest thereon. . The Board shall electronically, through the website, send to each loaned annual statement indicating the amount disbursed per each academic year or the outstanding balance as the case may be. The sums of the amount indicated in the statements shall form the principal loan to be recovered from the loaned. The contents of the statements shall be deemed to be correct unless a written complaint to the contrary is received by the Board within three (3) months from the date of the statement whereupon the Board shall….

Assessment Process for Linguistic Ability of 3-4 Years Old Children

The focus of this paper is on the assessment processes used in descriptive studies of children, aged 3-4 years, who are learning English. We adopt mainly classroom assessments with naturally occurring performance tasks and used multiple intelligence theory to assess their progress. In so doing we have found both problems and benefits that come from using this kind of assessment for young children. Lots of data were put to use for this paper, and my hope is that it could open and enlighten kindergarten English teachers. . Context Twenty-first century learning is about the process of integration and using knowledge, not just the acquisition of facts and procedures. Educators need to build assessments for learning, rather than just solely teaching. Assessment is different from testing. According to Graves,….