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Tuna Industry in Philippines

With the Philippine seas south of Mindanao already over fished, local tuna producers have looked beyond the country’s fishing grounds for their operations. Marfenio Tan, former president of the Socsksargen Federation of Fishing and Allied Industry (SFFAI), continues to reminisce the days when they had to bury tons of tuna catches on the beaches because there were simply abundant supplies and demand could not cope, if not non-existent. During the stretch when the industry became the single top dollar earner commodity for Mindanao, several companies had also emerged, especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s. But the industry is going full circle again following the 2008 global collapse of several financial institutions and renewed oil price crisis. Fishing is a PhP50 billion industry in the Philippines, contributing….

Assignment 6210

The death of an elderly individual may occur in a variety of settings and circumstances. For example, an individual may die painlessly at home surrounded by the support of many loved ones, or an individual may suffer severe pain for months before dying in a health facility with little social support. In addition, it is possible that many health and helping professionals may interact with the dying person and his or her family. For this Assignment, you consider a social worker’s role in end-of-life care. In addition to reading this week’s resources, conduct your own research and obtain at least one additional journal article that addresses how a social worker might support clients as they plan end-of-life care.

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper that analyzes the role….

Week 2 Discussion -MGT2037 Principles of Management SU02

Week 2 DiscussionDiscussion Topic Due December 12 at 11:59 PM Before beginning work on this week’s discussion forum, please review the link Doing Discussion Questions Right, the expanded grading rubric for the forum, and any specific instructions for this week’s topic. For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Respond to the following questions using the lessons and vocabulary found in the readings. You should use brief headings to separate your post into the four sections. Assume you are a manager of a large heavy equipment manufacturing company.  Your company currently outsources the manufacturing of a specialized piece of equipment to a firm in another country overseas. The outsourcing of this piece of equipment has saved your organization….

Scope of Edusat

SCOPE OF EDUSAT Dr. R. SIVAKUMAR INTRODUCTION The pivotal role of education as an instrument of social change by altering the human perspective and transforming the traditional mindset of society is well recognized. The universalisation of education has become the top priority, especially for the developing countries. But the extension of quality education to remote and rural regions becomes a Himalaya task for a large country like India with multi-lingual and multi-cultural population separated by vast geographical distances and in many instances, inaccessible terrain. Since independence, India has seen substantial increase in the number of educational institutions at primary, secondary and higher levels as well as the student enrolment. But the lack of adequate rural educational infrastructure and non-availability of good teachers in sufficient numbers adversely affect the….

The Life and Art of Salvador Dali, a Spanish Surrealist Painter

Salvador Dali It has been said that Salvador Dali is probably the most universally famous, and highly regarded artist of the twentieth century. Mostly credited for his talent as a surrealist painter, his efforts in the cinema and in photography are often overlooked. Intricate draftsmanship and realistic detail characterize his paintings, with brilliant color heightened by transparent glazes. Secrets of perversion and battles of depression and paranoia haunt most of his paintings, creating a state of suspended grace all to familiar to his viewing public. Living along a classic artists time line, Dali successively alienated friends and family bringing the artist a solace environment leaving only his mildly schizophrenic mind as fodder for his intricate works of imagination.

Brief History Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904….

Group Project – Black Lives Matter

The group ‘Black Lives Matter’ started as an international activist movement that aimed at campaigning against violence and racism toward black people in 2013. The group ‘Black Lives Matter’ started after an African-American was shot dead by George Zimmerman who was a White American on February 26, 2012 (Gitlin, 2019). Things escalated after Zimmerman was acquitted for all charges against him where the court argued that there was no adequate evidence against Zimmerman’s charges and that Zimmerman acted in self-defense. This negatively affected the Black community since the victim was a high school student with no weapon at the time of the altercation (Gitlin, 2019). This led to mass protests across the United States calling for Zimmerman’s arrest and eventfully the development of the Black Lives Matter group…..


  need in 2 hours 100% plagiarism free) MUST BE ORIGINAL !!! For the final exam, you will be analyzing three different hypothetical cases. Please answer the questions for each case in complete sentences, with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Each answer should be at least 3-4 paragraphs in length, and contain reasons for your answers. Please provide citations to cases if you feel it is necessary to fully answer the question. Case One A police officer who works near a local airport observes a car speeding on the road leading into the airport. He stops the car and approaches the vehicle, where he sees a man alone in the driver’s seat and his suitcase in the back seat. The traveler is sweating profusely, and keeps telling the officer….

Modern Drama

This question will open a great deal of discussion and I am not sure you will have a definitive answer. Perhaps, you will have to piece together ideas to derive your own understanding. I look at modern drama from a thematic perspective. Part of what defines modern drama for me is an emphasis on experiences and predicaments that have applicability to as many people as possible. Modern drama speaks loudly and lucidly to multiple parties, and can articulate struggle and redemption in a manner that makes it understandable to all in the modern setting.Its relevancy is effective in real time. For example, a reason I consider Beckett’s Waiting for Godot modern drama because it speaks to a condition of paralysis that can apply to human beings, as a….

wk3 michael smith

  Cheryl Montoya picked up the phone and called her boss, Wes Chan, Vice President of Marketing at Piedmont Fasteners Corporation.    Cheryl: “Wes, I’m not sure how to go about answering the questions that came up at the meeting with the President yesterday.” Wes: “What’s the problem?”. Cheryl:  “The president wanted to know the break-even point for each of the  company’s products, but I am having trouble figuring them out.” Wes:  “I’m sure you can handle it, Cheryl. And, by the way, I need your  analysis on my desk tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp in time for the  follow-up meeting at 9:00.”      Piedmont Fasteners Corporation makes three different clothing  fasteners at its manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Data  concerning these products appear below:     Velcro Metal Nylon   Normal….


For this assignment, you will analyze a well-known and widely debated incident where policing style played a factor. You will need to do basic research on the Branch Davidian Standoff, which took place in Waco, Texas, in 1993. Then, analyze the case according to the instructions below. 1) Provide a historical overview of the facts of the Branch Davidian Standoff.  2) Analyze the factor of police negotiation during the siege. 3) Explain how non-law-enforcement personnel (e.g., compound residents, media) impacted the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to end the siege. 4) Discuss how, in retrospect, the siege could have been handled differently by the FBI and ATF agencies to produce a different result. 5) Imagine….