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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Unique Literary and Writing Style

With reference to at least two passages, show how Fitzgerald’s variety of language techniques illustrate his views on the lifestyle of the era, here and in the novel as a whole. Fitzgerald uses many different literary techniques to portray his opinion of the lifestyle during the 1920’s. The use of Nick Carraway as narrator continually exposes the readers to both the positives, and negatives of this era. Throughout “The Great Gatsby” Fitzgerald explores key issues of “The jazz age”. The role of women and the hierarchy of society are two of the main issues which Fitzgerald explores. Throughout passage one there is a big divide of social status and it is clear that the differences within the class hierarchy are profound:

“He’s so dumb he doesn’t know he’s….

Literature Essay: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest by K Kesey

It is suggested that Ken Kesey”s One Flew over the Cuckoo”s Nest contains examples of behaviour and attitudes displayed by characters within the clinical environment of the psychiatric ward which can be compared to behaviour found within contemporary American society. These include examples of leadership and hierarchy within a class or caste system, sexism and crime and punishment. In the text, the theme of leadership is very prominent and important to the story. Arguably it is more important theme of the book, than the issue of mental illness, which forms the setting and the core of the novel. The leader figure in the ward is Big Nurse, who has complete control over the ward. Any decisions that are made over a patient or with regards the running of….

Microhabitat Variation

Temperature results for this observational study show that temperature mean and standard deviation values vary as you go from one location to another. These results are basically affected by several factors. One factor for example is the amount of sunlight received by a particular area. Shaded locations, such as under a holly tree and another tree near the shore pond registered lower mean temperatures (20.55 C and 21.03 C respectively) compared to those areas that are more exposed to direct sunlight such as the sunny patch of grass (31.60 C) and at the bleachers (28.52 C). exposure to direct sunlight obviously increases the temperature of a certain area while the absence of it decreases the temperature. Also, the canopy of the trees hinders the sunlight to penetrate the….

Lyle Alzado View of Steroid Use

Also I was undersized compared to the other players. After graduation no colleges gave me scholarships for playing football. Being undersized and playing averagely I wasn’t the best athlete. I tried out for the Kilgore Junior College’s football team in nineteen sixty four, but they told me that I wasn’t good enough to play for them. I was finally accepted to Yankton College in South Dakota; I started taking steroids to play football better after being accepted, in order to play better and to insure my place on their football team. In nineteen seventy one I was the Denver Broncos fourth draft pick. I was a defensive lineman the same as in high school. I became a formidable player by the end of my rookie year. I outran,….

Herman Miller

HERMAN MILLER 1. Describe Herman Miller’s strategy. Is there evidence it has produced a competitive advantage and good financial performance? Explain. They focus on a growth strategy, through innovative products and production processes. Reinvention and renewal. They survived the Great Depression and multiple recessions, recovered from the dot-com bust and were able to continue expanding overseas. They adapted to save the company, by introducing new designs. In 1996, Herman Miller began an aggressive drive to reinvent its operations and established a fruitful relationship with the Toyota Supplier Support Center. Unique to the office furniture industry, the relationship enabled the company to adopt and implement world-class, lean manufacturing processes based on the Toyota Production System principles. Through the Herman Miller Production System (HMPS), the company dramatically reduced manufacturing square….


  Assignment Overview An awareness of the covered and noncovered services of Medicare is a critical area of understanding for health care managers. The program has grown and changed over time, refining who and what is included vs. excluded. The Case presents the opportunity to investigate these coverages, as well as the financing of Medicare. Specific reimbursement rules are in place that must be followed if funds are to be received for providing services. The level of Medicare reimbursement differs from what would be received from private insurance – but by how much – and how can this affect your bottom line? Case Assignment Using the information in the required readings, as well as some additional research in peer-reviewed sources, complete your Case assignment by answering the following:


Response 3

dentify the role you selected for yourself and the child age you selected. Explain at least two specific ways you would advise the child/adolescent who felt bullied on social media. Include talking points or specific actions that the child could take. Frame your approach within the research of peer relationships and social and emotional development. Explain how you would account for culture and gender in the approach you take. For the purpose of this discussion, I have chosen to take on the role of a teacher and the youth will be a 12-year-old female. Adolescent youth have an increased focus on peer relationships and worry about the acceptance from peers. One study found that many youths feel that bullying is a normal part of adolescence (Guerra, Williams, &….

case 3

“Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group: Integrating Strategy and Risk Management”  

SUMMARY: Summarize the case. Identify the main point (as in “What’s your point?”), thesis, or conclusion of this case. (5 points) SUPPORT: Do significant research outside of the book and demonstrate that you have in a very obvious way. This refers to research beyond article itself. This involves something about the company/organization/individual or other interesting related area. Show something you have discovered from your own research. Be sure this is obvious and adds value beyond what is contained in the case itself. (10 points) EVALUATION: Apply the concepts from the appropriate chapter. Hint: The appropriate chapter is the same number as your case. Be sure to use specific terms and models directly from the textbook in….

Course paper thesis outline on mandatory sentencing and three strike rules

   Course Paper Thesis, Outline, & Annotated Bibliography Instructions Instructions: By the end of Module/Week 3, develop a thesis statement, outline, and annotated bibliography for your Course Paper based on the guidelines in the Module/Week 3 presentation. Submit the thesis statement, outline, and annotated bibliography in ONE Word document using the template below (including the cover page). Assignment Goals: Plan your Course Paper by clearly stating your main point, structuring your supporting reasons and evidence, and evaluating your scholarly sources. Doing so will prepare you to draft your Course Paper, which must be submitted by the end of Module/Week 5 of GRST 501 to your GRST instructor and the Online Writing Center. Next, you must submit a final, improved revision of your Course Paper based on the feedback….

Soil Mechanics by Jerry Vandevelde

SOIL MECHANICS (version Fall 2008) Presented by: Jerry Vandevelde, P. E. Chief Engineer GEM Engineering, Inc. 1762 Watterson Trail Louisville, Kentucky (502) 493-7100 1 National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying http://www. ncees. org/ 2 STUDY REFERENCES • Foundation Engineering; Peck Hanson & Thornburn •Introductory Soil Mechanics and Foundations; Sowers •NAVFAC Design Manuals DM-7. 1 & 7. 2 •Foundation Analysis and Design; Bowles •Practical Foundation Engineering Handbook; Brown 3 Soil Classification Systems * Unified Soil Classification System * AASHTO Need: Particle Sizes and Atterberg Limits 4 Particle Sizes (Sieve Analysis) (Well Graded) (Poorly Graded) 0. 1 5 Atterberg Limits Liquid, Plastic & Shrinkage Limits Plasticity Index (PI) PI = Liquid Limit – Plastic Limit (range of moisture content over which soil is plastic or malleable) 6 UNIFIED….