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Virtual Organization Employment Law

Globalization and the development of the Internet technology have brought serious changes in our world today. It is as if the other side of the world is just a few seconds away. Countries which previously closed their borders to the international community were forced to open up. People who were previously isolated from the rest of the world are now being brought together by the necessity for survival in this competitive world. The desire for strong trading relations with other countries forced countries to build political alliances with other countries. Corporations need to continuously grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumers. Riordan Manufacturing Inc is no exception. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is currently the leader in the field of plastic injection molding. Its mission is to provide….

two discussion responses(each 150 words) due in 6 hours

1. OPTION B: China (Michael Osorio ) The Warring States period was one of the most influential eras in Chinese history. It not only saw the rise of many of the great philosophers of Chinese civilization, but also witnessed the establishment of many of the governmental structures and cultural ideology that will define and shape China for the many years to come. The Warring States period spans three centuries when various states battled for territorial advantage and dominance of China. As a result of this, different cultures and philosophies merged, blended, or even completely took over as time passed. Some of the notable ones being Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism each was successful in their own time in their own way.   Daoism (meaning “The way” or “The way….

Research Paper

 In this paper, you will discuss various elements of THE MAYA culture.Please provide the following information about your culture: Content   

Provide a brief history of your culture Explain how your chosen culture is represented in the United States Is your culture individualistic or collectivistic? Provide at least one example What are some of the artistic (art, music, architecture, dance) contributions of your culture? What are some values of your culture? Provide at least three examples Discuss your culture’s religion(s)? Include name and basic belief system of at least one of the major faiths What are some of the sex and gender role differences in your culture? Provide at least three examples Discuss what we would need to know to acculturate into your  culture (if it is a….

assignment 1 unit 10

  Assignment Details Assignment 1: Professional Development Plan Course outcome assessed in this Assignment:

MT490-6: Evaluate career skills in the field of business and management.

Reflecting on the results of your Focus™ 2 Career assessments, your occupation and job opportunity exploration, and the understanding you garnered from the Career Services presentation, complete the following requirements to develop a Professional Development Plan:

Create 1, 2, 5, and 10 year career goal statements. A goal statement explains your desired accomplishments and outcomes resulting from planning and hard work. Your goals should be very specific, realistic, measurable, and readily observable. Answer the following questions about each goal statement: What knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors do you need to acquire or improve in 1 year to accomplish your 1 year goals? What….

Agile Methodologies vs. Traditional lifecycle

Agile methodology and traditional lifecycle refers to the way in which software is developed. However, agile development develops software in a way that is different from the traditional method. Agile philosophy allows frequent inspection and adaptation of the project while the traditional methodology is a sequential method that splits the project into parts that are supposed to be fulfilled.

However, it lacks adaptability and flexibility in ensuring the requirements of the project are fulfilled (Baker 2006, pp. 34).

In traditional methodologies when a glitch occurs and plans are made, such as changing the software, nears impossibility which means that the software needs to go to the beginning with the development of a new code. This happens as long as there is no further glitch in the development process…..

IBA Final Paper Group

In this simulation, we were tasked with successfully launch info Alleles in new markets over the next 7-10 years, effectively expanding the Alistair Brand into Latin America. Alistair Brands is doing well in its traditional markets of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, but the markets IR those countries are mature with lots of competition. Latin America is a region that provides great potential and a variety of trade enhancement actions have been struck in recent years. NONFAT for example, reduced the trade barriers between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This allows for establishing production in Mexico to take advantage of low labor costs and seamless access to the U. S. And Canadian markets. The MERCURY agreement also provides similar ease of access among the South American….

Accounting theory

The Published Annual Financial Statements of a company is the financial report for a given period, distributed by a company to its shareholders and which may be available to other stakeholders. Financial statements, should accordingly timeously communicate information that is relevant, useful, adequate and comprehensive, facilitating informed economic decision-making for users. In this regard it is important to note that financial statements are not prepared for the benefit of management and/or the company, but rather to ensure the transparent communication by management to shareholders and other financial statement users regarding the activities and transactions of the corporation. In this way, management discharges their stewardship and reporting responsibilities. In this context, it is important that all financial statements speak the “same language” in order to compare the financial statements….

Being a Volunteer

One year ago I knew almost nothing about this word and it meant almost nothing for me. But this summer I had great, as I think, experience of voluntary working in an international work-camp. Now every time I hear the word “volunteer” I recall two really interesting and full of events weeks in a country with an magnificent name – Montenegro. Here, in my composition, I could tell you about this camp, about the country and its culture, about the work we did. But I’d like to tell you about being a volunteer in international work-camps itself.Further you can find my thoughts about it and about why people take part in such projects based on my own experience. First of all, what is an international work-camp? This is….

Diversification strategy

A firm can opt for four directions to achieve growth and these four options are market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. In this paper I would be focusing on the fourth option a firm can opt for growth i. e. diversification and the four different types of diversification identified by Ansoff that are mentioned below. 1. Horizontal diversification. 2. Vertical diversification.

3. Concentric diversification. 4. Conglomerate diversification. Conglomerate diversification takes place when a firm diversifies with another company that manufactures totally unrelated goods or services. There is nothing in common between the two companies that have not merged nor do the two have any strategy in common. Moreover, both companies have totally different target market and competitive advantages as well as objectives. Although diversification results in….

Business Law Pt 2

Paula Plaintiff’s Really Bad Week, Part 2 Introduction In this assignment, you’ll need to decide whether Paula Plaintiff has any legal claims arising from another series of unfortunate events. After reading the scenario, answer the questions that follow, making sure to fully explain the basis of your decision. Paula’s bad luck continues. Five days after the events detailed in your last assignment, Paula returns to work at Capstone Corporation. Unfortunately, she used her company e-mail to send her mom a personal note about her injuries, despite being aware that Capstone’s company policy prohibits use of company e-mail for personal communication. Paula’s supervisor, Mikey Manager, discovers Paula’s violation and Paula is reprimanded. When Paula goes home, she uses her personal computer to post disparaging comments about her boss and Capstone….