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2 discussions need done ASAP

DISCUSSION 1 Collective Bargaining Preparation for collective bargaining involves four steps. Pick a step to discuss and describe what happens in this step. Which of the steps do you think is the most important and why? What would happen if you eliminated one of the steps? Why?

Present your views in approximately 250 words in your initial discussion post.  Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts.  Utilize the course text, weekly lecture, and at least one other scholarly source. Remember to properly cite your sources.

DISCUSSION 2 Grievances, Mediation, Arbitration What are the major differences between negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation? Make a chart showing each one’s advantages and disadvantages and justify why and when you would use each one.

Present your views in approximately 250….

Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Completely Safe?

Dear Editor, In response to the article „After Fukushima, people ask: Can nuclear power ever be completely safe? “ by Moya Irvine in „Read on“ April, 2011 I would like to state my opinion. I think that the nuclear power plants are on the one hand very effective, but on the other hand so dangerous, that they could destroy our whole planet. But what would we do without nuclear energy? We have to find some alternative, renewable energies to get an alternative solution to the atomic power plants. When we look back to the nuclear incidents like Chernobyl, Windscale or Three Mile Island we see, that this energy is too dangerous. Such a failure, which happened in Chernobyl circa 20 years ago, also could happen in every other….

Swot Analysis in Micro Insurance product

Banc Assurance it. Use of CIT to drive business cost effectively  Emerging Insurance needs in the travel and healthcare sectors.  Enhance strategic alliances for business growth. Emerging middle class in Kenya and East African region.

 Growth in acceptance of Micro Insurance products. Conducive political environment.  Emerging in Insurance needs for the youth and Seems.  Growth in Insurance products – IPP, Individual life x. External networks – AK’, KARA ; AIR THREATS. Increasing regulatory oversight. Banc Assurance as an emerging competition. Increase in fraudulent claims. Lb. Increase in catastrophic events, climate change ; terrorism v. Public perception on Insurance business. V’. Growing inflation, unemployment & poverty rates. Vile. Growing cost of business acquisition. Safety/Security concerns, crime & impact on businesses. Alternative investment opportunities with better returns. Recommendations. The company….

Corruption in the Teamsters Union

In 1902 a group of horse and buggy drivers created the Teamsters Union, in that the Teamsters were employed to transport goods. This occupation has played an important part in the economic development of the United States. Although they worked under difficult circumstances at the turn of the twentieth century they began to unionize on an extensive scale. There was no established national organization until 1912 that the teamsters were secure. Back in those days certain crafts and professions were considered as public-interest endeavors, which were licensed and regulated by the town authorities. Included in the teamsters which started with cart-men were; doorkeepers, butchers, and bakers. With the public being so reliant on these crafts they showed a monopoly and the members would join in strikes, to change….

American Business Machines Corporation

American Business Machines Corporation (NABMC) resulted from a joint venture between Dayton, Ohio based National Office Machines (NOM) and Nippon Cash Machines (NCM) of Tokyo, Japan. The business combination offers NCM more products to offer and new managerial leadership enabling NABMC to compete against stronger multinational brands like IBM, National Cash Register, Unisys and Sweda Machines. 1 Module 4 – Case 4-5 National Office Machines—Motivating Japanese Salespeople: Straight Salary or Commission? Business combinations come with integration challenges. Incompatible national cultures add complexity to the labor management issues that need to be addressed by NABMC: America presents a highly individualistic and low context culture where individualism and economics are highly valued. In contrast, the Japanese culture is collectivistic and high-context placing high value on collective effort, personal relationships and….

Creative Ads Motivates People to Drink Water

Creative Ads Motivates People to Drink Water Creative Ads Motivates People to Drink Water It is well known that water is one of the most essential elements for all organisms, especially human beings. However, even though people realize how important water is for them they do not drink their daily-recommended amount of water. Therefore, organizations form water campaigns to encourage people to drink 8 to 12 glasses per day, which maintains the body’s hydration. Nevertheless, most people believe that water campaigns are uninteresting, which makes them ineffective. Evian and Nestle are water companies that try to market their products through their ads that motivate people to drink more water so that they live young and healthy. Furthermore, the commercials grab people’s attention by using creative and artistic ideas….

Upload Assignment: Module 11 Written Assignment – Chasing Zero

Chasing Zero Video OR Chasing Zero ArticlePrepare to spend an hour watching this video.It is very important to make sure to tie all of this togetherIn a one page paper discuss the following questions:How are this campaign and QSEN initiatives related?Do you think that Zero (no errors) is achievable in healthcare? Why/why not?Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:

Chasing Zero Video OR….

Communication and the Global World

Step One:   Visit Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions     Step Two:   Create a country comparison using the United States in first dropdown menu box to see the values for the six cultural dimensions. After selecting the United States, a second and a third country can be chosen in the second dropdown menu box. Keep the United States in the first box and then repeat for each country (Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia) involved in the fast food expansion project to see a comparison of their scores.    

Step Three:   Create a bar graph and/or table to highlight how the four countries compare to the United States by using the value scores under the comparison to create the bar chart.   How to make a bar chart on Microsoft Word:….

Common Sense Economics

Macroeconomics Professor Coppedge December 5, 2011 Common Sense Economics Common Sense Economics is packed with valuable information, and approaches presenting this information in a way that is less dry than a conventional textbook. Although there is a lot to learn in this book, I feel like I have already been introduced to 90% of the content in class, this book is simply a supplement and review. The book is broken down into 4 sections: Ten key elements of economics, Seven major sources of economic progress, Economic progress and the role of government, and Twelve key elements of practical personal finance. I believe the discussion of personal finance outlined in the fourth section, while important, is outside of the scope of this course and will therefore not be discussed….

Multicultural Case Study

MCE Problem Solving Case Study Section 1: Problem Identification The problem identified is gender bias that male students have towards female teachers. The conflict is many male students do not respond to female teachers the same way they respond to male teachers. These students feel that they do not have to follow directions/instructions from female teachers and will not complete assignments given without constant reminders. Male students who show this type of bias to female teachers are either from a single parent home, one where the female role is not respected, socialization of the student, or even a more affluent home. These students are not held responsible for their actions at home and feel that they are not accountable at school for their behaviors. Male students who come….