Read: “Pearl Primus and the Performance of African Diasporic Identities” (Chapter 4) in City of Islands: Caribbean Immigrants in New York.
View:TEDx Talk by Tammy L. Brown, “Art is a Weapon for Social Change” (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。
200-Word RESPONSE: Do you agree or disagree with the concept that “Art is a Weapon for Social Change”? If you agree or if not, EXPLAIN why? Use at least TWO current-day examples of literary, visual and/ or performance artists to prove your point. You also must use at least TWO direct quotes from the source materials (e.g. book chapter, Tedx Talk, lyrics from songs, images from music videos, etc). 

This is a guideline. You may exceed the word count in the guideline below; however, if you choose to exceed the word count you must be sure that you are adding meaningful, concisely written insights.
Ten-Point Discussion POST Rubric

Up to 5 points for original thought / contribution (Word Count 200; perspective not previously posted)
Up to 5 points for development of thought ( full explanation, reference specific quotes in reading, pose a new question)

Ten-Point Discussion RESPONSE Rubric

Up to 5 points for responding to posting of others, which includes timeliness of response, response includes 100 words, response fully engages with previous post by providing specific details about why you agree OR disagree with previous post
Up to 5 points for response that includes another, original idea and a question

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