200 word discussion and reply to a student comment due 11/25 at 3 pm pacific time

discussion – should be 150 words

Identify a skill that you learned in this course Principles of Accounting I and explain how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario. 

Optional: Share with your classmates your future plans after you have earned this degree. What will be your next step in your professional journey?

Please reply to Brandon comment: should be 50 words

 I cant choose just one skill I have learned to apply to my real world.  I think everything cumulatively contributes to my success with personal finances.  I dont directly deal with any accounting aside from my personal and family finances.  I currently work in recruiting management and plan to continue with with and/or other Human Resources related fields.  With this degree I want to increase my overall knowledge of all aspects of business to set myself up for success with whatever specific business field I pursue.  Attaining this degree will help with my advancement in my current job and allow me to take on positions of more responsibility. 

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