20 Powerpoint Slides

Using at least three resources, create a PowerPoint of the events you consider to be the 10 most important developments/actions/people in the United States from 1890’s to 1945. So, you are to review American history from 1890 to the end of World War II. Your Top 10 can be the Top 10 people you believe to be the most important and/or influential people during this time, or the Top 10 actions or developments during this time period, or it can be a combination of both. This PowerPoint should contain events/information regarding World War I and World War II.
Your presentation should include a title slide and a reference slide/page formatted to APA 6th edition standards. Please indicate if your Top 10 are in historical/chronological order or if you have ranked them in the order of your perceived importance.  For each person, action, or development identified, please include:

Date(s) of importance of your event or person
Additional Key Players
Most obvious immediate impact – why is this on your list?
Most obvious long-term impact – what has this activity or person done to shape our country?

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