2.5 to 3 page essay on a chapter

The book Will to Kill        2.5 to 3 pages             Chapter 10 Hate Homicides
Fox, A.F., Levin, J., & Quinet, K. (2019).  The Will to Kill:  Making Sense of 
Senseless Murder (5thEd.).  Thousand Oaks, CA:  SAGE Publications, Inc.

What is the purpose of the book chapter?  Explain.

Identify the major themes and key points in the chapter.  In three or four 
sentences, what is the author basically trying to get across?   Make 
special note of those points which are relevant to the concerns of the 

Must Chose one theory .  In order to apply the theory, briefly explain the assumptions of the theory, and then using the theory, explain the most important theme in the chapter that you chose.  Utilize an example of at least one criminal case discussed in the book to support your application of this theory.  

Your written comments should be typed and double-spaced with 12-font 
(see previous section regarding written assignments).

The total page number of the response paper  must be a minimum of 2 and half to 3 full pages.  

If you quote directly from the book, you need to include the author’s name 
and page numbers.  However, your quotes must be limited to two for each

If you borrow ideas from any researchers in the book, you need to cite 
these authors in the text.  
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