100 Years of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stereotyping

In Hollywood, there has been a steady recording of the Arabs stereotyping according to the Arab American community. Arabs viewed in media and films receive the impression of them being the bad people, taking the role of bombers or people with a lot of money. According to the film of Thomas, Arab women take part in dancing in-order to attract the male audiences present. Arabs are viewed as bad people who do dirty business including auctioning of the women. In most of the movies released, they portray Arabs being killed by the military force. There has been committees cropping up that try to cool down the negative portrayal of Arabs but the short backs encountered by such groups/committees is huge. The Arabs living in America feel separation from the rest of the community and they feel discriminated. The white people undermine growth of the Arab Americans. Those Arabs living in America have many difficulties living there because most of the Americans view them as the greatest terrorists.

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