1 page assignment

For this assignment, you will recall the last time you were in an argument or had a disagreement with someone in which there was no resolution. You are to write a letter to the individual with whom you were arguing using the Rogerian strategy. Make sure you do all of the following:

Introduce the issue and restate the opposing position to show you understand it.
Show in which contexts and under what conditions the opposing position may be valid. State it so that it is acceptable to the opposition.
Write a clear transition that moves the reader from the position you have just explained to the position that you favor and will now defend. 
State your own position and describe the context in which it is valid.
Show how the opposing position would be strengthened by adding elements of your position. Then try to reconcile the two positions.

You can make up an arugument just make sure its not to complicated. Also make sure to read the attached file first and make sure to follow the instructions clearly.